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So you may want to mention what happens if you forget to pierce the yolk.......the egg explodes all over the microwave in millions of teeny tiny bits. Next time I will follow every step!

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Julie 927 June 12, 2011

After 2 dozen trial and error eggs with differing times and power settings, I finally have it down to a consistent method.

1 cup water in a pyrex measuring cup, splash of white vinegar, microwave on high for about 2:30 -3:00 (until just boiling). While it's heating, crack an egg in a small bowl. As soon as it reaches a boil, open up the microwave and gently pour the egg into the water from the small bowl (no need to pierce the yolk as this is a verrry gentle method, also, don't stir it).

Set 4 minutes on the microwave, then set it to 10% power (this is IMPORTANT) and hit start. (No need to cover as well, you are just keeping the water well below a boil). At the end of 4 minutes, with a spoon, flip the egg while still in the water (the egg should be a little white pouch). This flipping ensures the bottom of the egg that was touching the glass is set.

Let it set for about 30 seconds, then drain while holding the egg in the pyrex with the spoon. Pour the egg out on to a paper towel, dry, then plate. When it is served, cut into, and runny, then salt and pepper to taste...

Easy, almost foolproof, (non-explosive), works every time now, you may need to adjust your power setting up if it is not working for you, but after 1-2 egg runs, you will have it down...

(I didn't want to post this as a new recipe because this recipe by Paula G inspired me to experiment because my wife LOVES poached eggs, but never wanted to take the time to make them)

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Jacqual January 11, 2013

I'm going to try this again. Today, I cooked for 1 minute, and the egg white wasn't formed at all, still floating in strands in the water. So I added 30 seconds, and then my yolk was cooked solid. So I will try a minute and 10 seconds, and maybe and 3 seconds at a time. I didn't take a pic, because I didn't feel the results were optimum. I think this is a great idea and I will try it again. Thanks for sharing!

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breezermom September 04, 2011

This turned out great, so simple and fast. The timing of one minute was perfect for my microwave.
Clean-up's a breeze.

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ohgal June 14, 2011

Perfect! I don't know why it took me this long to search on "microwave poached eggs"??? This was so easy and quick! I will probably cook them for a little less time next time as I like my yolk a little more runny, but even with the yolk cooked through it was delicious on my morning toast :^) Thanks for a simple, yummy breakfast recipe!

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Hollyism April 05, 2011

Update: I have found that 58 seconds at full power works perfect for my eggs. Not too runny, not too hard. I realized I forgot to cover with plastic wrap on my first try, hence the "explosion". Covering makes a big difference. Also, I take the egg out of water with a slotted spoon, then "dry" it off on a paper towel so it is not too wet when placing on the toast. Yummy! I love poached eggs, but always hated the hassle of making them. Not a problem now. Next time I will microwave at 80% for 1 minute or so...when I cooked it at full power, the egg exploded even though I had pierced the yoke. Oh well, it still tasted good after that!

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GoMoGo June 03, 2010

Simply amazing. I made this at work this morning without the vinegar and it was egg perfection. We have a small microwave here and it took a little longer than a minute. Now I can make my own "Mc" Breakfast sandwich and save myself some time and money.

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A Pinch of This ... March 22, 2010

I used a 2 cup glass measuring cup, poked the yolks and the egg still wanted to pop. So I put a dash of salt in with the water and vinegar and that did the trick. I cooked mine for one minute then added 10 second increments until the yolk was set the way we like. Mine was set, firm but still a little runny at 1:10 and firm at 1:20

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ld72_12777562 August 07, 2016

My first egg turned out over done at 50 seconds, I like a really runny yolk. 40-45 seconds is just about perfect for me. Served it over an English muffin, melted mozzarella cheese a slice of tomato then topped with some home made pesto...yummy!

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mommyluvs2cook July 21, 2015

Thank you for providing the recipe. I do not need to fry breakfast eggs with oil. Besides, I dropped the egg into "boiling water" before microwaving it. The egg became too solid.

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JulienneHsu March 28, 2013
Microwave Poached Eggs