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Outstanding peanut brittle recipe! This will now replace my tried and true recipe that I have used for 40 years. Why?...because it is much faster and since it makes about half as much it is easier to handle by myself when it comes to pouring and spreading quickly before it hardens. I cooked this in a 2-quart size glass batter bowl with a handle and pouring spout and it worked perfectly. I used 1 1/2 cups of peanuts because we like lots of peanuts in our brittle. It took about 13 minutes to cook in a 1000 watt microwave (probably took longer because of adding more nuts). I have found that the secret to very thin brittle is to stir the soda in very quickly and pour the mixture out onto the pan while it is still actively foaming, spread it out and then lift the edges and stretch even thinner. I spray my utensils with non-stick cooking spray, as well as my pan and the spout of my batter bowl so it slides right out. Thanks for a great recipe, Jellyqueen!

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Donna M. January 02, 2003

This is absolutely the best. Talk about easy and fast. Everyone loves it. I can see that using raw peanuts is important. I think roasted peanuts would continue to cook and possibly become overdone. Thanks Jellyqueen!

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Bob Crouch December 15, 2002

A delicious brittle. So simple and easy. I made this with walnuts, golden corn syrup and butter and had great results. I will definitely make this again.

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Boxerwing April 08, 2003

Thank you for posting this! I lost this recipe ages ago and have missed it greatly! I use butter instead of margarine, and spanish peanuts with skins on. This really is a no fail recipe, and you never even have to use a candy thermometer, yay! People think I'm utterly wonderful when I make this nut brittle LOL! Gosh no, I never tell them how easy it is to make! I'm like that lady in the old Rice Krispy Treat commercial who splashes water and flour on her face so she looks like she was slaving away in the kitchen LOL! note: it's just sugar, don't worry about it sticking to the bowl, just a hot water soak in your sink will dissolve the mess :)

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RZ1234 February 22, 2004

Excellent recipe! Very popular around the office. The only problem I had was with the waxed paper sticking to the brittle, so I switched to the non-stick Reynolds wrap aluminum foil. Perfect!

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Melinablue June 25, 2003

I made about 15-20 batches (I lost count!) of sunflower seed brittle this last Christmas, for gifts, and it was a HUGE hit! I got raw sunflower seeds from our local health food store. I found that with my microwave (1200 watts), seven minutes with the perfect timing. I made it in a glass Pampered Chef pitcher/measuring bowl and stirred each batch three times while cooking. When the nuts started to get a little golden, I pulled it out and finished the recipe. I LOVED the flavor, as did everyone else. I also did something a little different...I poured it out onto a (WELL-SPRAYED!) sheet of aluminum foil, placed an equally well-sprayed piece of foil on top, then immediately rolled it out with a heat-proof (metal) rolling pin. It created a very thin, crisp brittle that I could not have gotten if I'd just spread it out with the spoon. Make sure you protect the surface underneath from the heat (I used a large, thick, laminated cutting board). This is the first brittle I've tried that I've absolutely loved, and I have to say that it never would have occurred to me to use sunflower seeds instead of peanuts...but the flavors work EXTREMELY well together. Thanks for posting this, JQ...you rock!!! PS: I gave sandwich size bags of this away to a number of co-workers and others. The boyfriend of a co-worker RAVES about this stuff almost every time I see him. He says he still has some of the bag I gave him...and that he's been rationing it out so it lasts. He wants to know when I'm making some more! LOL

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UnknownChef86 February 24, 2012

We made peanut brittle, sunflower seed brittle, and almond brittle for my dad for Father's Day. He's a big fan of (and very picky about) peanut brittle and loved all three. My mom even liked it and she normally doesn't enjoy brittles. The sunflower seed brittle was my favorite. We did burn the first batch - we found that the trick was to remove the brittle from the microwave before it looked done (very pale caramel color), as it seemed to darken and instantly cook as soon as the baking soda was added. Using that method, my husband and I managed to not burn the other 3 batches we made.

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domesticdivawannabe July 30, 2010

Very good. I cooked for a total of 9 minutes, stirring every 3. It turned out very dark and almost had a burned smell...but it tasted fine! Next time I may stop at 8 minutes. Also, the leftovers in the bowl quickly hardened to a concrete mess. After a moment of panic, I filled the bowl with water and placed back in the microwave for 2 minutes. Everything dissolved and slid right out. Whew! (Also, I didn't have a 3 qt glass bowl, but a 2 qt worked just fine.)

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Rhonda003 December 17, 2003

This was so easy! I cooked it without the nuts for 8 minutes and then stirred in a heaping cup of dry roasted peanuts. Then I cooked it for another 4 minutes and followed the recipe from there. It worked out fabulously!

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LaurietheLibrarian December 20, 2011

Wow, I too, will pitch the stove top recipe I've been using for 20 plus years. This was so easy and it's very very good. Wish I could give it more than 5 stars. We have a GE Spacemaker Microwave (don't know the watts)and I took previous reviewer's comment and only nuked 8 min. I sprayed my waxed paper with Pam and had no problem breaking it up. Thank you Jellyqueen for sharing a great recipe!

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Carrie December 21, 2003
Microwave Peanut Brittle