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Great! We had these potatoes with our steak tonight for dinner. The beauty of this recipe is the easy and quick preparation. I used basil and parsley. The flavors blended well and were very tasty! Prepared as a participant in the January 2010 8th Annual Photo Swap of the Cooking Photo Forum.

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Seasoned Cook February 01, 2010

These are just too easy to be so delicious! Wonderful tasting potatoes with very little effort....I really loved these! My red potatoes were large, so I quartered them, but it didn't seem to negatively impact the recipe. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe.

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breezermom January 29, 2010

Oh yum! And so easy to prepare. We really enjoyed this dish. And it had just the right amount of garlic to suit our taste buds. I am of that generation that learned to cook before microwaves were commonplace in most kitchens, so I do things the "old" way most of the time. But this recipe is a reminder that microwave ovens are more for than just for re-heating leftovers. I will keep this recipe handy because I know I will make it often. Thanks for a "keeper", Dreamer!

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NorthwestGal February 11, 2011
Microwave Garlic Potatoes