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Cornmeal mush is an excellent breakfast, but I'm the only one eating it, so I just make the one serving in the microwave. The key to making this in te microwave is to stir at the right time and use a medium sized bowl. Covering a paper towel works, too. All microwaves are different, but here's what I do: 1. Stir after mixing in bowl 2. Stir after a minute (it will be very thin but uniform at this point, the meal tends to start to lump at the bottom at this point, too, so it is ideal to stir first at this point) 3. Stir after another minute (it should be getting to a good thickness and I stop here usually) 4. Stir in 30 second intervals if you want thicker mush. Keep in mind that it thickens after cooling off for a minute, too. I don't think the nutritional value calculated here is correct as the Aunt Jemima's cornmeal has more nutritional value than what is indicated here. This is a tasty, substantial, and healthy breakfast.

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Nuclear Chef October 21, 2009

Once a famous chef was asked "What is the difference between mush and polenta?" He replied "About two dollars per serving"

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vbaker February 26, 2014

This is an easy, cheap, filling meal that can be used for breakfast or dinner. You can chill this, cut it into slices and fry or bake it, serve it with maple syrup, melted cheese, spaghetti sauce, add stuff to the basic mix--cooked sausage is good--bake the basic mix after beating in some milk and a couple eggs. Its just a hugely versatile dish. We ate it a lot as a kid, especially when money was tight. The trick is to remember 1 part corn meal to 4 parts water. Cook until thick, stirring frequently.

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Sweetdoggie February 25, 2014

This is now my new way of cooking mush/polenta. Yummy

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woodsyy March 22, 2012

I grew up on cornmeal mush for breakfast. We use one part cornmeal to four parts water. Stir it up and zap it in the microwave, stirring a few times till it's done. I liked it served with salt, pepper and butter. Yummmm. Thanks for posting. I'm eating this today after forgetting about it for several years.

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Blueberry January 03, 2011
Microwave Cornmeal Mush