Microwave Corn on Cob in Husk

READY IN: 4mins
Recipe by 2natrl

The BEST corn on the cob you'll ever have, with silks still on.

Top Review by Batmans Chef

my mom told me about this so I decided to try it. Mine really needs a bit more than one minute on each side, but it was quick and easy and the silk pulled away so easily. I drenched the paper towel before wrapping. Now my microwave is nice and steamy so a great time to clean it out!


  1. wrap corn in a paper towel, wet cob in husk,.
  2. microwave 1 minute turn, then 1 min more.
  3. return to the sink,
  4. peel back husk, twirl the top of silk and pull silks straight up and off corn to a clean finish.
  5. smother in butter. delicious.

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