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My in-laws gave me a microwave to replace mine that had konked out and I used this recipe to make a 'thank you' cake (since it was made in my present!). ;) My kids (ages 8 & 9) actually did most of the work, which shows how easy it is. All of the chocoholics in the family loved it. Super easy and fast! I baked it for 5 1/2 minutes in the 1100 Watt microwave, in case that's helpful to anyone!

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moose_kristi October 02, 2012

I really enjoyed this cake- but was not crazy about the topping. I had some Pillsbury chocolate fudge frosting the pantry. Wow- this cake with that frosting is soooooo good! Thanks!

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tarheeljanet January 26, 2009

Wow this was really good for less than ten minutes of work. I swear I could've eaten the cake batter pre-cooked (I'm odd, I love the combination of the baking soda, vinegar and chocolate). I only "baked" mine for 5 minutes in a 1250W microwave. Came out very moist and chocolatey. Thanks!

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Three Kids Make Me Crazy October 28, 2008

Usually when I make this cake I cut it down to three servings and reduce the cooking times, especially with the frosting. It's great for a quick, easy dessert. I once made it with a group of kids that I was tutoring to introduce them to fractions, and they were surprised that you could actually make a cake in the microwave, and quite impressed with the result.

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Lightchild247 April 10, 2008

A great and quick fudgy little cake. DH was bemoaning our lack of dessert one night so while he was busy with the computer I whipped this up. Took him a plate of warm cake and he was amazed. The only small addition I made was to add about 1/2 c of semi-sweet chocolate morsels to the cake batter before cooking it since DH always thinks everyting needs "a little more chocolate." The sauce to me was reminiscent of Sanders' Swiss Chocolate topping. I'll make this again when we need a quick dessert or someone has a major chocolate attack!

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ReeLani May 19, 2007

Surprisingly tender and tasty for a microwave cake! I only made the cake not the sauce, and cut sugar back to 1/2 cup since I prefer things less sweet. I also upped the cocoa to 1/3 cup 'cuz I love me some dark chocolate! You're right about adjusting the cooking time - only took 4.5 minutes in my microwave. Yummy and quick, thanks for posting the recipe. I bet it would be good as a white cake too if cocoa was omitted - and maybe topped w/ berries for shortcake - Mmmm.

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ScrumptiousWY April 17, 2014

I was excited to try this cake because of all the good reviews. Unfortunately, I was greatly disappointed, and I sincerely advise anyone who is thinking of making this cake to reconsider.

Yesterday, I whipped up a microwave mug cake, and it had a cardboard-y flavor, and inconsistent, generally tough texture. I wanted to try again, thinking maybe just the recipe I found happened to be bad. I have definitely learned my lesson after trying this recipe today.

The lesson: Don't waste ingredients on microwave cakes. They are terrible unless you like the sugary, nasty, can't-quite-identify-what's-wrong-with-it taste of stale Cosmic Brownies. That's the closest thing I can compare this cake to. It's the kind of thing you'd expect to get in an individually wrapped package and feel sick after you eat.

I followed the recipe, and it was almost inedible. But I was a trooper and managed to make it through one piece with the equally as inedible sauce on top. I threw the rest away after I realized how hard the cake became after sitting around for only 10 minutes. I should not be able to drop a piece of cake from four feet up, listen to it thud, and have it all STAY PERFECTLY INTACT. I was in shock and disbelief, so I tried it again and again, only to see the same result with the same piece. I cringe when I think of how this dessert must be congealing as it goes through my digestive system.

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Food Blogger June 09, 2011

When the pregnancy craving for chocolate cake strikes, and you need cake RIGHT NOW, this is a perfect recipe in a pinch. DH laughed at me for making a microwave cake, but now that he has eaten two servings, he has quieted down. Is it a gourmet chocolate cake? Not quite, but it does the job! The sauce was smooth and velvety. I halved it but it was still plenty to cover the cake. I have a 1000 watt oven, so I baked the cake for 8 minutes on 70% power. Worked great!

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Hadice December 13, 2009

This was a pretty good cake, except it was a little dry. Vanilla ice cream or milk go great with it. This recipe didn't say when to add the baking soda, so I added it with the dry ingredients.

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lpoffen October 14, 2008

Cake was very good, moist with good flavor. Frosting had a nice thick pudding type consistency, but the flavor, hmmm... wasn't our favorite. However, for a microwave cake with very little fat, it exceeded expectations! Thanks, HeatherFeather!

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TexasBlonde July 22, 2008
Microwave Chocolate Snack Cake