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Oh My, I cannot believe that I have not rated this awesome, wonderful, tasty, delicious, incredible and lets not forget the simplicity of it. I am on my 4th batch. The flavor is fantastic. You out there who thinks that it is too simple to be delicious, be careful of your thoughts and try it you will only lose 6 minutes of your time. The last time I made these tasty little critters I put in pecans. Oh my over the roof!! Pat Merwin

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pmrealty July 24, 2009

These caramels were fast and easy to make. I have a suggestion to make individual caramels that are super easy to handle. I used a silicone mini-muffin pan and filled each one about 1/2 to 3/4 full. After sitting in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes they popped right out and I dipped each one in melted dark chocolate. It makes a perfect 2 bite candy. They look like professional chocolates you buy in a store. I will upload a picture as soon as I can..... Updating 3 years later to address some issues I've seen in reviews... I've made this recipe more times than I can count and here is what I've learned. 1, Use a tall bowl, the caramel bubbles up. I use a 6 cup Pyrex batter bowl. 2. Melt the butter before adding the other ingredients, it makes them easier to fully incorporate. 3. Always fully stir and thoroughly scrape down the bowl to remove any sugar crystals after every 2 minutes. 4. Yes, microwaves differ, when you are done you should have a noticeably thicker (like a cream soup) mixture and it will be a deeper gold/brown than it started. Add one minute at a time. 5. I use the small plastic wrapper bags you can get at popular craft stores. They are easy to wrap and eat with. 6. Silicone pans and molds are the way to go for easy removal from the mold, just make sure they're heatproof. The Holiday shapes in the silicone molds are bonus!!

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Leslie 543 January 08, 2016

ridiculously easy!!! and so good :) I sprinkled some rock salt on it just a little, its the way caramels are served at a fine dining restaurant and it brings out some of the flavor

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MarraMamba September 15, 2009

I just made this. I doubled the recipe and added most of the 14 ounce can of sweetned condensed milk. I was really worried about the outcome because most of the way through the 12 minute cooking time, it appeared very thin. I had been covering the bowl with plastic wrap and then stopped this at about 6 minutes because I realized that the recipe didn't say to cover the container. I think that I was just worried about overflowing the bowl (which it did). I just put a plate under the bowl after I took the plastic wrap off. I ended up nukeing it another 2 minutes. I poured it onto a piece of parchment paper and it hasn't stuck to the paper. I love the taste of these caramels and it might be a little difficult to part with them even though I made them for the cookie trays... Thank you for posting this recipe. I know that I will be making it again!

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Chicagopm December 22, 2013

Great recipe as is, but on my second batch I added chopped walnuts (a handful of toasted), and a teaspoon of vanilla. The vanilla definately gave it the richness I was looking for, and toasted walnuts and caramel just go together! For the next batch, I will dip in chocolate.

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Kim H. October 20, 2013

These caramels turned out great. They look and taste like they were made be a professional. I didn't have any problem getting they out of the dish. I did spray and coat with butter just to make sure I could get the out after reading the other reviews. After they cooled I turned the dish upside down on wax paper and nudged the caramel with a butter knife and it came right out. Then I cut in small pieces and wrapped in wax paper. It made about 70 caramels.

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Debbie C. October 06, 2013

Very easy, quick and tasty!<br/>BUT - mine would not set....I added 1 tsp vanilla but other than that, I follower the recipe to a tee. I cooked them 6 min. and took them out every 2 min. to stir them. Poured them into a lightly buttered pyrex pan, and let them sit on the counter about 20 min.<br/>I tried to cut them but they ran back together almost as quick as I could cut.<br/>I put them in the fridge over night and can cut them nicely right when I take them out, but after a minute I can't work with them anymore.<br/>We cut as many as we could and put the plate in the fridge where the kids can serve themselves using a fork -- too sticky for fingers.<br/><br/>If anyone have any advise for me for next time feel free to contact me - the boys just love them, and I would like to be able to serve them on a plate, wrapped in wax paper 'n all without having to bite/lick them off the paper :)

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Nynne April 14, 2013

I followed the directions but here it is 10 hours later and they're still too soft to cut. I don't know why but they didn't turn out. The recipe doesn't specify what size pan to use; maybe I should have used the 9x13; I used the skinnier version. But considering they're still soft this many hours later, I don't suppose that's the answer.

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HisPixie September 03, 2012

I'm stumped. I've read all the raving reviews, but I can't get it to work.

The first batch I completely forgot to add the condensed milk--uh, oops! So the second batch I was super careful to check and measure everything just right. I know for certain I didn't leave anything out, but my caramels are just sludge. They've been in the fridge for three days now and they still won't set. I can cut them cold, but within a couple minutes they're a puddle.

Oddly enough, the first batch without the condensed milk tastes really good! But I really wanted to taste what everyone is raving about. I guess I'll just put my sludge on top of some ice cream... :)

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shanburke July 16, 2012

Yummy and so easy to make. However, DO NOT put in pan lined with wax paper. I even sprayed the paper and it still was almost impossible to get off. It took me longer to get off the wax paper and wrapped that it did to make it. I have another batch cooling - this time in quick release tin foil that has been sprayed. Hopefully that will work better.

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Connie Lea July 05, 2012
Microwave Caramels