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ridiculously easy!!! and so good :) I sprinkled some rock salt on it just a little, its the way caramels are served at a fine dining restaurant and it brings out some of the flavor

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MarraMamba September 15, 2009

These caramels turned out great. They look and taste like they were made be a professional. I didn't have any problem getting they out of the dish. I did spray and coat with butter just to make sure I could get the out after reading the other reviews. After they cooled I turned the dish upside down on wax paper and nudged the caramel with a butter knife and it came right out. Then I cut in small pieces and wrapped in wax paper. It made about 70 caramels.

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Debbie C. October 06, 2013

Very easy, quick and tasty!<br/>BUT - mine would not set....I added 1 tsp vanilla but other than that, I follower the recipe to a tee. I cooked them 6 min. and took them out every 2 min. to stir them. Poured them into a lightly buttered pyrex pan, and let them sit on the counter about 20 min.<br/>I tried to cut them but they ran back together almost as quick as I could cut.<br/>I put them in the fridge over night and can cut them nicely right when I take them out, but after a minute I can't work with them anymore.<br/>We cut as many as we could and put the plate in the fridge where the kids can serve themselves using a fork -- too sticky for fingers.<br/><br/>If anyone have any advise for me for next time feel free to contact me - the boys just love them, and I would like to be able to serve them on a plate, wrapped in wax paper 'n all without having to bite/lick them off the paper :)

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Nynne April 14, 2013

Four stars only because I think it will help if you've had some experience with toffees and caramels. If you haven't, TRY IT ANYWAY! Just be prepared to make a few batches to perfect your technique.

This taste a little more "milky" than store bought kraft caramels. I like this best with nuts (I've tried walnut and almond so far) and sometimes dipping them in milk chocolate.

I used salted butter and add a pinch of salt to ingredients and also add about 1/4 tsp vanilla extract after pulling from microwave for the last time.
I totally recommend using a silpat(or similar) liner. SOOO much easier than the (bad) foil experience I had.
I used the cold water method to help determine when my caramels were ready. The first time I had to keep adding 1 minute until it was setting firm enough. If your caramels are too soft for you, please try again, but add more time. Don't give up, these are tasty and give a great sense of accomplishment :).

I recommend parchment paper to wrap, as I found that the wax paper will not peel well if caramel got a little warm (like in my niece's pocket). Parchment paper did not have that problem.
Thank you Debbwl for the recipe, everyone has really enjoyed these! My sister is thinking to use them for small Christmas gifts to co-workers.

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Margaret Gandara February 15, 2013

Great recipe! A few notes though: I added slightly less than 1 tsp of vanilla and it kind of overpowered the flavor at the end, so I would use maybe 1/2 tsp next time. Also, these don't quite have the browned butter taste of stove top caramels, but they are sooo good for something so simple. I microwaved them for 2 mins to start with, stirred, and then in 1 minute increments after that to ensure that there were no sugar crystals left in the mix after that. I microwaved for 7 minutes and 30 seconds. The caramels turned out soft and chewy but not great at holding shape. I would probably try microwaving them for 8 minutes and maybe 8.5 or 9 after testing. I also tried the cold water test to see how they were and they were about soft ball stage when I stopped testing and pulled them as it seems like when I make caramels I tend to not account for the few minutes at the end where the temp is still rising because the mixture has so much heat in it. My microwave is pretty old- a Panasonic 1200W Inverter series, so hopefully that will help some of you. =) Good luck!

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Ckes00521 January 20, 2013

This is really good. I made a half batch so I halved the time in the microwave also I stirred after every 1 1/2 minutes. I greased pan then lined with aluminum foil for quick release and then greased that also so I could get out of pan and away from candy easily. I brought over to share with a friend and she asked me for the recipe. Hard to believe you can get such good candy in less than 10 minutes. A must have recipe.

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muffinlady May 29, 2010

Very easy. Be careful though, as with most candy, this gets incredibly hot! I used an 8x8 square pan and I thought that made a nice size. I liked them even more after I wrapped them in wax paper and put them in the fridge. Some of the people I shared these with asked for the recipe! Thank you Debbwl.

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cookiedog February 23, 2010

These are incredibly easy. They taste a little more "milky" than I prefer in caramels but the ease makes up for that.

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BarbryT February 10, 2010

I'm too ashamed to admit how many times I've made these caramels in the last month. Everyone loves them! I poured the caramel into a flexible cake pan so that when it cooled it was very easy to flip out, cut, and wrap. My pan is 9x9, so I made a second batch and poured over the top so that they're a bit thicker. Thanks so much for a great, and very easy, recipe!

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deb.waterman December 19, 2009

I altered the recipe a little-- I don't keep corn syrup around so I lowered the brown sugar and used maple syrup instead, and 1 tsp vanilla; kept everything else the same. Problem is, when I nuked it the third time it overflowed (and I nuked it in a deep dish yet!) But that's how I made the fascinating discovery that white vinegar will clear up sticky messes off your microwave with no problem; so I lost some "batter" that way. The rest of it I refridgerated, and it took about 3 hours to set-- but was worth it for the milky vanilla maple smoothness. Made as a VIP recipenap for Veggie Swap 17.

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the80srule December 09, 2009
Microwave Caramels