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This recipe is excellent. It is essentially the brown Mexican candy that is found in many Mexican restaurants in Texas. I would be careful though about going the full six minutes. Mine is ready to pour in 4 mins. The first time I made it half of it was all over my microwave, because I cooked it the full 6 mins. I knew it was ready after 4, but I wanted to follow the recipe exactly. Another pointer is that you don't cool it in the refrigerator. That will make it way too hard.

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Chef Momtotwins May 08, 2012

These are awesome! If i could give it 10 stars i would. Incredibly easy and incredibly good. It was hot here in SD so i couldn't really let them set on the counter top, it was only making it stickier. I stuck them in the freezer, they set wonderfully cut them up, wrapped them, stuck them in the fridge. Next day they were great, and not too hard to chew. I also added 2 tsp vanilla at the end and sprinkled some sea salt ontop. This ones a keeper.

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Nika The Mad Baker August 15, 2012

Super easy and yummalicious! I made these twice. The first time they turned out perfect. The only change I made was to keep it in the microwave for 6.5 mins. I also added 1.5 tsp of vanilla after it was done in the microwave. The second time I made them I used 33% fewer calories Karo. Wasn't sure if it would work for this recipe or not. They tasted great, but the texture was odd. This was lesson learned and I thought I'd pass it on: I would recommend not using the lesser calorie brand and sticking with "regular" Karo. Thanks for posting this wonderful recipe. :-)

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SReiff October 02, 2012

These were so easy to make it's crazy and awesome! I would recommend adding a little salt to the caramel at the beginning of the process. Also, after you have completed "nuking" it I would add some vanilla extract and stir it in. Then... they would be perfect! I made cutouts and covered them with dark chocolate. To die for!

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suziethefoodie February 08, 2012

Quick, easy and delicious. I used Copycat Borden's Sweetened Condensed Milk for the milk and turned out great. Be sure to cut and package before it sets. I had started dinner and then got to the packaging. Very difficult so put it back in the micro for 30 sec. and that helped.

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adopt a greyhound December 24, 2011

I found this recipe on Pinterest and had to go to the store right away for the ingredients to make some! Cooking it was very easy! Make sure to put it in a roomy glass container to microwave it bc it will puff up a bit and overflow. I stopped the candy at 6 minutes, and poured it into silicone molds; coming out of the microwave it had thickened a lot but the color seemed light, I figured it probly wasn't done yet but I wanted to test the recipe so I poured them and cooled them. They are very tasty but I can still taste the sweetened condensed milk, and not *quite* caramel-y, and my microwave is pretty powerful. The good thing is though that the recipe is small enough quantity that these will still be gone in a matter of hours and I will make another batch and increase the time a couple minutes. Even with that being said I still give 5 stars bc you can not predict time and wattages on other people's microwaves. I think in the recipe though, it should be added that times may vary, and give a description of how it should look when done. They had to be in the fridge for a while to firm up enough to pop out, and I live in FL so they quickly warmed up out of the fridge. I made some with pretzel goldfish in them and some with a sprinkle of kosher sea salt and they are both FANTASTIC. I think I want to try marshmallows next! super amazingly yummy. Will be making this recipe forever.

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tarapotamus August 08, 2013

These were so easy to make and were thoroughly enjoyed by the DS's music recreation group, soft, stretchy and chewy. I set the mix in a 8x8 tin and got 42 little squares. Thank you Debbwl, made fir Edition 9 - Make My Recipe.

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I'mPat October 22, 2009

Oh My, I cannot believe that I have not rated this awesome, wonderful, tasty, delicious, incredible and lets not forget the simplicity of it. I am on my 4th batch. The flavor is fantastic. You out there who thinks that it is too simple to be delicious, be careful of your thoughts and try it you will only lose 6 minutes of your time. The last time I made these tasty little critters I put in pecans. Oh my over the roof!! Pat Merwin

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pmrealty July 24, 2009

I am simply blown away by this recipe. I'm picky about my caramel but this was fantastic. I actually melted my butter in a giant bowl (because others said it bubbled a lot) and then put in the sugars. Then I realized I accidentally put in double the butter so I reluctantly decided to just double the recipe instead of starting over again. SOOOOO glad I did! I used my 1100 watt microwave and put it in for 12 minutes, stirring every 2 minutes. I did put it in for 1 more minute after that, for good measure. Then, I added 2.5 teaspoons of vanilla (after reading others' reviews, I thought it would be a good idea) and 1 cup of chopped pecans (wish I had more though!). I poured it into an 11x8 glass pan lined with parchment paper (sprayed with PAM as well, for good measure!) and put it in the fridge for about 30 minutes. When I took it out, it was absolutely perfect and beautiful. I cut it up into squares and put them in an air tight container. If my husband and I can use self-control, they will hopefully last a couple days. =)

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jflip6708 August 08, 2014

Four stars only because I think it will help if you've had some experience with toffees and caramels. If you haven't, TRY IT ANYWAY! Just be prepared to make a few batches to perfect your technique.

This taste a little more "milky" than store bought kraft caramels. I like this best with nuts (I've tried walnut and almond so far) and sometimes dipping them in milk chocolate.

I used salted butter and add a pinch of salt to ingredients and also add about 1/4 tsp vanilla extract after pulling from microwave for the last time.
I totally recommend using a silpat(or similar) liner. SOOO much easier than the (bad) foil experience I had.
I used the cold water method to help determine when my caramels were ready. The first time I had to keep adding 1 minute until it was setting firm enough. If your caramels are too soft for you, please try again, but add more time. Don't give up, these are tasty and give a great sense of accomplishment :).

I recommend parchment paper to wrap, as I found that the wax paper will not peel well if caramel got a little warm (like in my niece's pocket). Parchment paper did not have that problem.
Thank you Debbwl for the recipe, everyone has really enjoyed these! My sister is thinking to use them for small Christmas gifts to co-workers.

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Margaret Gandara February 15, 2013
Microwave Caramels