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I will add another 5 star review!! This is so quick to make and the flavor is delicious. I made this to use in making peanut clusters/turtles. I put peanuts in the bottom of a candy paper cup, then topped with the hot carmel and then put in the frige for about 10 minutes. Then I added melted milk chocolate on top of the caramel and peanuts, yummy!!! Thanks for sharing the great recipe. Made for PRMR Tag Game.

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diner524 November 07, 2011

Adding a liberal sprinkling of Kosher or sea salt across the top immediately after pouring the molten caramel into the pan makes this recipe even better. People literally beg me for the recipe.

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ArKayBee December 05, 2010

I won't leave a star yet as I couldn't get them out of my pan! I also tried putting it on tin foil (after finding that 'trick' online) but still couldn't get them out. Next I'll try pan spray. I did try parchment paper once and that worked OK. I also read a tip that said to leave it for 24 hours before cutting as that reduces stickyness. It would have worked if the foil would've come off.
Also-I cooked it for 1 more minute (for a total of 7) and was sure the butter was melted ahead of time so all incorperated well. I dipped some in dark chocolate which was tasty!

NEW NOTE- I have doubled this recipe (which used a whole can of Sweetened condensed) and cooked for 12 minutes with great success. When I do that I use a 9x13" pan. I found that using parchment paper works great! I use a small smear of butter/margarine in the corners as this keeps it down and so I don't have to worry about it shifting as I pour. I then leave for 24 hours on the counter as this seems to cut down on the stickiness. I cut with an oiled knife as well then dip in dark chocolate. YUM!

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MinnMomof2 August 07, 2012

I cannot believe how easy these were to make and just how delicious they are - the real deal! I tried cutting them after 7 min which was too early and then after 20 min in the fridge which was almost too late. I had caramel flying all over the kitchen and was using the poultry scissors! Next time I will try to cut them after about 12 min in the fridge, better too early than too late.

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Deantini February 14, 2011

I've never made caramels in my life, but this was really easy! After checking several other microwave recipes online, I concluded that it might be a good idea to increase the time slightly, as I have a 950-watt microwave. The recipe doesn't specify (and I have no idea if it was something that should've been obvious---I really am a serious noob in the kitchen!), but I decided to melt the butter first, then add the rest of the ingredients and mix it all thoroughly. I think the bowl I used is at least a 2-qt, possibly 2.5-3qt, microwave-safe glass. I set it for 7 minutes, taking it out every 2 minutes & 33 seconds to stir. I also added the barest pinch of salt, and after the last round in the micro, added 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla. After chilling it, it sliced up perfectly and tastes delicious! Thank you so much for posting this recipe!

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KitchenNoob December 15, 2009

These are quite tasty caramels and you can't beat how easy they are to make. Caramels are one of the things I've tried to make that never turned out right so I figured I'd give these a try. The first batch I forgot to line my pan with foil which was a bad, bad thing because they stuck to the pan and wouldn't come out at all. They also didn't set up enough. So I made a second batch, remembering to line the pan with foil (and sprayed the foil with non-stick spray) and I microwaved it for 8 minutes. The second batch was much better! I sprinkled half the pan with coarse sea salt as I love salted caramels. My only regret with the second batch is that I didn't realize till after making it that we were out of waxed & parchment paper so I had no way to wrap them up. I just put them in our candy dish. So now of course they're all stuck together. These are definitely worth trying; I'd suggest following the recipe as written for the first batch and then tweak the cooking time as needed from there to get them set up the way you like. Oh - the recipe doesn't state what size pan to use either; the first batch I used a 9x13 pan and the caramels were too thin so the second batch I used a 7x11 pan and they're still a bit thin for my preferences but acceptable at this thickness.

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Feisty Redhead December 10, 2011

Brilliant! tastes just like fantail caramels, and in 6 mins! I didnt cut mine in time, and they were hard in the fridge, but I broke it into pieces and put the bits in a fancy silicone ice-cube tray. 30 secounds in the micro, and I had fancy caramels, that re-set just fine!
a must-have Xmas recipe!
made for Aussie swap august 2010

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mummamills August 16, 2010

My twist was to brown the butter first based on successful results with other kinds of foods. I incorporated many reviews by doubling the recipe (cooking for 12 mins, stirring each 2 mins), topping with Kosher salt, & placing in fridge 12-15 min then cutting. Then I left in cool room overnight & re-cut (well-scored from cutting night before). I used greased glass pans that worked very well. NOTE that the mixture is boiling and bubbling ferociously at the end of 12 mins if you double (and presumably at the end of 6 mins for 1 batch) - I used a large glass measuring bowl with a handle, so I didn't have to risk burning my hand or losing my grip on hotpads - plus it has a pour-spout so it conveniently poured into the dishes. Great - but extremely addictive - caramels (and that was using non-brand milk & corn syrup)!

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Misty G December 20, 2012

So easy and so very good. I'm looking forward to making these again with add-ins. I did add a pinch of salt and used a 9x9 pan. I think next time I'll use an 8x8 just to make thicker pieces. I can't believe how easy and tasty these are. Thanks so much for posting!

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Lucky in Bayview April 22, 2010

After a few tries I finally perfected it. I added a tsp of vanilla at the end of cooking and poured into a buttered glass dish and on 1/3 put sea salt, 1/3 chopped pecans and the last 1/3 left plain to keep everyone happy. Before they were completely cool I cut them into squares and used cooking spray on the little spatula I was using. Using the glass dish took longer to cool but it was worth the wait! I cut them again when cool & they came out easily and i put them into mini foil cupcake/candy cups and put them in a tin and separated the layers with wax paper. DELICIOUS & CROWD PLEASING!! So good & so easy you won't mind trying it a few times to get it right. My new Christmas or anytime candy!!

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melkmc14 December 27, 2012
Microwave Caramels