Microwave Biriyani

READY IN: 15mins
Recipe by PinkCherryBlossom

This takes me 15 minutes to have from cupboard to table and tastes as good as the takeaway. Timings are given for my microwave which has a hand crank on the side an glows an alarming green colour when it goes so adjust the times for non posessed appliances.

Top Review by Deccani

Im not sure if I should be leaving I wonder if I should review as I did not cook this. However I dont see how this can be called a Biryani. There are many rice dishes with meat and vegetables in them, Like Pulao, Tahari, Biryani, assorted vegetable rices, Rice with garbanzo beans, rice with dals cooked by Afghanis in Afghanistan and Pakistan which are closer to a Biryani in taste than many of the Biryanis listed on the net. I dont fault you for this many Indian restaurants have been cooking rice with meat and calling it Biryani in the west and now a days even in India. Biryani would usually be a dish prepared in which rice and meat/vegetables are mixed after the rice is cooked either separately. Alternatively mixing up part cooked rice and adding cooked(or raw with thick marinade)meat/vegetables in two/three layers and giving 'Dum' In a Biryani Rice and the meat/vegetables would be lightly mixed so the different colors of white rice, rice which is tinged with the gravy of meat/vegetable and rice stained with Saffron (or cooking color or turmeric) this form a interesting combinations colors of rice. Pulao would be vegetables or meat without gravy or extremely small gravy cooked with rice where rice usually remains white(sometimes there are colored pulaos)Key here is the vegetable or meat has no or almost no gravy so the rice is uniform in color. Tahari would be close to the recipe listed here where both rice and meat/vegetables are cooked together from the start. It is usually a bit tangy with addition of Sour yogurt and lime juice(Ginger garlic taste is quite prominent and onions are added too while cooking)

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  1. Put rice, raisins and veg in a large microwaveable bowl.
  2. Pour the water over and crumble in the stock cube and curry paste, stir well and cover with cling film leaving a gap at one side to let steam escape.
  3. Microwave at full power for 12 mins (mine is 850W) add more time if your microwave is less powerful.
  4. Take out and leave to stand while you get out plates and forks, fluff the rice and serve sprinkled with the nuts.

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