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I used 3 large chicken breast pieces, which I think would have weighed more than 1 lb, 3 large potatoes that I cut into about 2cm chunks, and about 600 mls of coconut milk. This recipe took longer to cook than I expected, but it was worth the wait. For US cooks, the chilli powder used in this recipe is not blended Mexican style chili powder, but the ground Asian style chilli powder. I pretty much think this would also be a good vegetarian curry by omitting the chicken and adding in extra vegetables. Reviewed for March 2013 Recipe Swap in the Aus/NZ forum. Photo also to be posted

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**Jubes** March 16, 2013

This had mixed reviews at our house. DH loved it, for me it was so, so. I made mostly as written, I cut down to one pepper as DH doesn't love them and reduced the curry so it wouldn't be so hot. I found it to be a bit one note flavorwise, and finally added a little cilantro for some nuance. We both enjoyed how creamy it was - I did use and extra 1/2 can of coconut milk as mentioned in the note. It took much longer to cook than I expected, I ended up just putting everything together and just letting it simmer until the potatoes were done, which took 15 -20 minutes after frying. Made for PRMRT

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momaphet February 20, 2012

I only made once change to this recipe, I substitued zucchini instead of green capsicum, as I had a lot of zucchini to use up. The rest was as per recipe.
This is a simple and easy recipe to make, and was not too spicy or hot at all. The family loved this curry and it was enjoyed with plain rice and salad for dinner.
Thanks awalde, for another great recipe.

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Tisme January 08, 2012

We enjoyed this coconut curry dish very much. I especially love dishes that serve as a complete meal all on their own, except of course, a little rice to go with it. I used only 2 tbsp. curry powder and only 1/8 tsp. chili powder because the chili powder I use is extremely hot. Great post - I will definitely make this dish again. Made for the AUS/NZ Holiday tag, December, 2011.

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DailyInspiration December 22, 2011

What a beautiful and delicious dish! I don't care for onions so left them out and I used boneless skinless chicken breast. I used the full amount of curry and hot chili powder as we like spicy. The veggies are wonderful in this and the coconut sauce with that spice is just great. Served with your Original Indian Naan Bread and loved this - thanks for sharing the recipe!

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loof November 14, 2011

My experience with curry has not always been that great, so when I made this recipe I did cut it back to just 5 teaspoons instead of the larger amount listed! Other than that, though, I pretty much followed it on down, & we were very satisfied with this great tasting chicken dish! With this keeper of a recipe, I'll certainly be making it again! Thanks for posting it! [Made & reviewed in Zaar Stars recipe tag]

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Sydney Mike September 28, 2011

Very yummy!! I used chicken breast, 1 can of coconut milk and just half of the curry. I also only used 1 tbsp of oil which was plenty. I will make this again for sure! Made for ZWT 7.

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Deantini June 24, 2011

Excellent curry, quickly and easily prepared and I really liked the addition of vegetables to this dish. Since I made it on the spur of the moment, I had to sub a yellow pepper and a few baby zucchini for the red and green peppers, but I think this dish lends itself to some flexibility. I used roasted garam masala for the curry powder, and I kept it to 2 tblsps since DH no longer tolerates 'heat' well, but I think the 3 tblsps would have been perfect. Very much enjoyed, thank you awalde.

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Karen Elizabeth June 23, 2011

Wow, we loved everything about this dish. It was tailor made for my dh & self. The spices were right on, everything balanced each other out beautifully. A bold full bodied curry. Made exactly as written, except that I used red curry, it is all I had in the house. What wonderful flavor. We will be enjoying this tasty dish often. Thanks so much for posting another winner Awalde. Made for the Witchin Kitchen, ZWT7.

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Baby Kato June 21, 2011

Made for ZWT 7. Wow, we love an exotic combo of flavours! I used considerably more chicken pieces than 1 lb even if we are only 2. Yes, there are leftovers: will be eaten or frozen! I used a can of coconut milk, less than stipulated in the ingredients, but it seemed enough to me, it's about 420 g. Instead of shop curry powder I used masala (basically a mild curry) which I buy in Cape Town from a Malay spice shop. Added some dried, flaked chilli (did not have the powder). I also simplified the directions, by adding the chicken, potatoes and carrots all at once in a large pot. Made brown basmati rice to go with it. Lovely, awalde, thanks! (Sorry no photo -- this afternoon both my cameras' batteries went flat, no kidding! They're loading at the moment!)

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Zurie June 16, 2011
Micronesian Coconut Chicken Curry