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Worked fantastically well. My very first time of making mayo.

I used extra virgin olive oil (we like our oil heavy in taste) and the flavour was quite strong, so i added a bit of castor sugar, a bit at a time and tasting it each time, to balance the flavour. Next time I'll use vegetable oil.

We used it for salmon wraps and the kids loved it - despite the strong olive oil flavour.

Thx sooo much for posting.

I tried this again a second time with some slight alterations, inspired by a friend who uses the drip method though:
1 big whole egg (instead of just egg yolk)
250ml oil (125ml sunflower and 125ml pomace oil)
mustard, salt&pepper
(I left the garlic out because i was in a hurry)
1/2 cup lemon juice (added in the very end, as per instructions)
It turned out lighter in flavour - less 'olivy' flavoured - and much whiter.

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tinaki99 May 18, 2011

At first, all I had was a slightly thicker yellow oil, but not mayonnaise.... then I thought about things for a moment and remembered that mustard is an emulsifier in dressings, making oil and water stay together when they otherwise wouldn't. Eggs are essentially water and since I had nothing to loose, I added a bit more mustard, and then a little bit more and wa-la, I had mayonnaise! Thanks for a great quick and easy recipe for a pantry staple!

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Mrs. Doyle March 09, 2010

This is how I've been making mayonnaise forever! I made only a quarter of the amount but still needed 2 egg yolks to get the right consistency, I think because they were small and a little old. I ran out of lemon juice so used white wine vinegar instead, I also added this at the beginning instead of the end and it tasted very nice. I added dill and we had it with our salmon. Thanks!

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Chickee April 23, 2008

Just like another reveiwer, I ran out of mayo and remembered this recipe. The only other time I made mayo, it was not good, so I made a quarter of the amount, and the only container that seemed right for that quantity was....my little coffee plunger pot! But it worked perfectly, with me laughing at my "batterie de cuisine"(?). First taste was a bit oily, but I think my qtys of mustard/lemon/garlic were out, as I added more and it was delicious! No more supermarket mayo for me!

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heatherb November 20, 2007

I've been making this for a year now and truly thought I had reviewed it. Sorry to be so tardy!
I have been trying to eliminate all pre-packaged foods and this gem fits in to my game plan beautifully. The first time I tried it it was too liquid - more like a salad dressing but after tossing the first batch the second attempt was perfection.....almost. I discovered that I don't care for olive oil mayo. Since then I have made it with organic eggs, lemons and Canola oil. It is marvellous!!! I halve the recipe and make it at least twice a month. Thanks so much - no more big jars of Hellmans hanging out in my fridge. BTW... DH who is generally leary of most 'new' things new suggests you send the recipe to Hellmans and Kraft. lol

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K9 Owned August 09, 2010

I halved the recipe and used sunflower oil. Left out the garlic this time,but I'll try it with it nex time. I hate store bought mayo and the drop by drop method is annoying ( I like fast things),so this was perfect for me. Plus that I can make just as much as I need. I used a stick blender.Thanks for sharing.

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littlemafia May 12, 2010

What a great way to make mayo. Thanks for sharing!

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Dreamer in Ontario July 18, 2009

Oh, my goodness! This works! I was quite dubious when I read the recipe, thinking all that would happen was I'd be left with a curdled mess that would taste good, but that would resembe the sort of thing I wouldn't feed the dog. I just used the measuring jug that came with my stick blender and it took less than a minute from the time I separated the egg to the time the mayonnaise was completed. I am never buying mayonnaise again - the recipe is made with staple ingredients and it takes such a sort time to make. Thank you so much, Karen. This is quite possibly the best recipe I've ever come across.

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Helen Hes August 30, 2008

I still don't believe this worked, although I saw it with my own eyes! I've had failures with other methods, but the results of this were wonderful. I made this mayo to add to Southwestern Chicken Caesar Salad With Chipotle Dressing, worked beautifully. Like everyone else, I'll never buy mayo again. Thanks FT for sharing this keeper.

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Heydarl May 10, 2008

I'd run out of mayo and remembered seeing this recipe. I was doubtful that it would work, but thought I'd give it a go! What do you know? It DID work! I halved the recipe, and used the tall plastic tumbler that came with my hand blender set. It made a lovely thick mayo. I must say I wasn't keen on the slightly bitter after-taste of the olive oil (even though I used light olive oil) and I'll use safflower oil or similar next time. I also added a couple of teaspoons of sugar just to sweeten the taste a bit. Very easy and much better than the drop by drop method!

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Kookaburra November 02, 2007
Michelle's French Mayonnaise in a Flash!