Michael Chiarello's Marinara Sauce

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 18 mins

I still had some tomatoes left from a sale and needed to use them up. I found this recipe on Food Network from Michael Chiarello. It's very simple but fresh and flavorful. I'm freezing this for the next recipe that requires a marinara sauce.

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  1. Heat the olive oil in a large non-reactive pot over moderate heat.
  2. Add the onion and saute until translucent, about 8 minutes.
  3. Add the parsley and garlic and cook briefly to release their fragrance.
  4. Add the tomatoes, basil, and salt.
  5. Simmer briskly until reduced to a sauce like consistency, stirring occasionally so nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan.
  6. The timing will depend on the ripeness and meatiness of your tomatoes and the size of your pot.
  7. If the sauce thickens too much before the flavors have developed, add a little water and continue cooking.
  8. Taste and adjust the seasoning. If the sauce tastes too acidic, add the baking soda and cook for 5 more minutes. If it needs a touch of sweetness, add the sugar and cook for 5 more minutes.
  9. Remove the basil stem before serving.
Most Helpful

I made this before going to swimming lessons and added 4 cooked Italian Sausage links into the sauce before leaving. My daughter stirred for an hour until we got home. This had excellent flavor! I added baking soda and it made the sauce perfect!

Cook4_6 June 16, 2010