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Can words even express how much I love these muffins? I am partial in the extreme to Meyer lemons- really, there are few things better- but baking doesn't always capture their unique meyer-y goodness. These muffins do. Mmmmm.

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punky o March 16, 2008

I increased the sugar to 1 1/2 cups because of Mariannneee's review. I think the bitterness comes from the pith; perhaps cutting some away before grinding would be helpful. I topped them with coarse sugar crystals mixed with regular lemon rind I had on hand in the freezer instead of cutting paper-thin slices of an expensive meyer lemon. They were good on the first day and spectacular on the second.

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b_e_ross May 22, 2009

BecR,Made these yesterday and due to the reviews following the recipe I added one half teaspoon of baking powder and hand peeled the lemon scraped the pith off of before adding to the processor..altough they did not rise as most as some muffins the taste was great..I do think that perhaps a measurement to the amount of lemon would help as some could be larger than the other,but not a great deal...If I am lucky to be able to purchase the meyers again will centainly remake....Thanks.....Don

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Don Steele March 17, 2012

I followed the recipe as written. The flavor of the lemons in the muffins tasted good. I just had the problem with that they didn't rise very much at all and I think it could do away with the lemon on top, because they weren't really edible slices. I had filled them half full as it states but I would think because they didn't rise they should of been filled to the top. Perhaps because all lemons are different sizes it would of been good to know how much in cups the lemons should add up to. Maybe I had too much lemon and that is why they didn't rise. But they did have a nice lemon taste. Thanks for sharing BecR.

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FrenchBunny February 23, 2011

I had never used myers lemons before and the neighbor brought me a sack. I was happy to find a recipe that called especially for them. I did enjoy the lemon flavor however I wasn't dazzled by the muffin. I also thought they should have raised a bit more.

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Ceezie June 28, 2008

Mine came out really bitter and I didn't add the extra lemon slices. I even added sugar on the tops of the muffins.

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Marianneee March 19, 2008
Meyer Lemon Muffins