Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 2 mins

I love the Meximelts at Taco Bell. However, I don't eat there a lot because sometimes, it gives me a tummy ache. But when I do, there are only two things I order-EVER! Chili-cheese burritos and Meximelts. One of my gal-pals worked there and told me what was in one. I couldn't figure it out because I was too busy inhaling it.'s my take on the Meximelt.

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  1. Prepare the hamburger meat and drain off all the grease and/or water. Season.
  2. Microwave the tortilla until it is soft and easy to roll.
  3. Place a layer of ground beef in the bottom.
  4. Combine all the cheeses (I just throw it all in a zip-top bag and shake so if there is any left over, I can have it for later.)and sprinkle the desired amount over the beef.
  5. Add desired amount of salsa, but do not use too much.
  6. (This is sort of like a taco, only the cheese is melted and there is no lettuce or sour cream or any other toppings.).
  7. Fold in half and place on a plate.
  8. Microwave for 30 seconds or just until the cheese is melted.
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Yum. I used Taco Bell brand seasoning mix, low carb wheat tortillas, low fat pre-shrdded Mexican cheese and lowfat ground beef with chopped onion. Didn't have salsa, so I added some Siracha to the beef mix towards the end. Delicious. Be careful, super hot right out of the microwave.

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Arriba, arriba! These were so delicious...I'm sure I would be disappointed by the Taco Bell version if I ever tried it (so I'll stick with Amy's recipe). I used Taco Seasoning Mix and modified Chili's Salsa to accommodate my sparse pantry. I also decided at the last minute to pan fry (w/Pam), like quesadillas, instead of microwaving. Loved the crunchy exterior it gave to the wheat tortillas. It was over the moon good! .......................................RIP, Amy.

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A spicy, cheesy treat! I lightened it up for my diet by using a fat-free tortilla, ground turkey and black beans and two tablespoons of 2% cheddar and two tablespoons of part skim mozzarella. Delicious!