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The flavor of this recipe started out a 4 star, but it's a little heavy on the salsa, which overpowered everything else in the end. Made exactly as directed, using a 1/2 teaspoon chili powder in the flour mixture (thank you for the GF option!) and because the garlic was left out of the instructions, I sauteed it with the onions and peppers. I'm just a little on the fence with this recipe because right up until the end I was confident that we were going to love it. While the rice was cooking my family was oohing and ahhing over just the smell and even though I was creating a lot of dirty dishes, I couldn't wait to see what a beautiful plate this was going to make. I was visualizing red rice topped with green and white veggies, topped with the nicely browned chicken pieces. (While cooking I forgot that more salsa was going to be added to the veggies.) When I got to step 5 telling me to mix the veggies with the chicken, I should have plated like I was imagining it instead. Stirring the chicken into the veggies just melted off most of the crunchy coating, losing that texture contrast, and on the plate it looked like a one-pot meal, but with a whole sink full of dishes to wash. I'm so afraid this review is going to sound negative, but please don't take it that way. It was good and has lots of potential with just a tweak in the method and leaving out the salsa in the veggies. Everyone agreed that having 3 different colored and textured layers would have made this a 5 star presentation. I felt like there was just too much time and mess involved to end up with a one-pot dish. Thank you for submitting your creation, chef, and good luck in the contest! Reviewed for Dining on a $ Contest - Summer 2011.

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**Tinkerbell** August 15, 2011

We liked this except for the flour-coated chicken part. I don't think that step is necessary. I'm going to try this again because the flavor is so good. Thanks for sharing your great idea. Good luck in the contest.

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CJAY August 16, 2011

Delicious rice and a really tasty chicken and vege topping. This was a really good combo. I especially liked how easy the rice was to make and great flavour. Seemed like a lot of ingredients but the dish was really easy to put together. Loved that it was gluten-free suitable. We served with a garden salad. Good luck in the competition. Photo also to be posted

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**Jubes** August 15, 2011
Mexican Zucchini and Chicken over Rice