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I didn't try this recipe, per se, but I make tuna this way all the time for myself and my Mexican hubby (we don't use lettuce with it, though; he likes to scoop it up with broken tostada shells, and I like to use it as a filling for wraps). The combination of the tuna with the veggies, cilantro, lime juice and salt is such a nice change from mayo-based tuna salad. It has a very bright and fresh flavor, and it's a fairly healthful light meal to boot. Personally, I think the jalapeno is a must (maybe in lesser amounts for those with more sensitive palates) - it just adds a nice kick. Pointers from personal "bare cupboard" experiences: don't bother with dried cilantro (EVER!) or bottled lime juice here, because it's just not worth it. Fresh, fresh, fresh is the only way to go with this one!

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Muffin Goddess April 10, 2004

This is basically pico de gallo with...I've been making this for years but with the white onions and also with shrimp or crab meat. My family and friends love my "shrimp pico" as an appetizer served with-- of course tortilla chips.

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Anonymous May 21, 2015

This stuff was fantastic. It was a huge hit with me..... I will never make tuna the old way again. it was so fresh. I however didn't have any jalapenos so i put 1/4 cup of tabasco and 2 tbsp of chili powder for a kick. the tabasco gave it even more a a twangy taste. I will be eating this the next three days! i ate it with ritz pita chips.... FANTASTIC! thank you

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Miss Texas January 08, 2007

The flavor of this was nice and different. Mine turned out watery, though, and it was difficult to eat with the tortilla chips. I ended up eating it on salad greens with a cumin and cilantro dressing and it was quite good that way. I would make this again, but not with the intention of eating it with chips. I might even try mixing everything together except the tomatoes, and then stuffing the tuna mixture into a tomato.

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Heaven's Kitchen July 09, 2006

You REALLY have to like cilantro for this. I served this in small pita pockets. Out of the 20 that tried them, at least 10 people really liked it, and the others thought the cilantro was overpowering, with little other pizzazz.

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AliciaGski June 20, 2006

Great Recipe. Added 2 cooked and cubed red potatoes,small amount of iceburg lettuce and a 1/2 green bell pepper instead of the jalapeno. Great in the summer for a light dinner or lunch. And always use fresh cilantro and limes or lemons it makes a world of difference.

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Emeral24 May 13, 2005
Mexican Tuna Salad