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The taste of these was good, but we would prefer a lot more spice. It is a great starter recipe. This was my first time making my own and it was easier in some ways than I thought. It can be a little time consuming, but once you get going (espeically folding the tamales) then it isn't too bad. I didn't really understand how to fold them so I did what we do now days....I googled a you tube video of some people folding and it was GREAT!! I did have to add a little more sauce/broth to my masa to make it the right consistency (in one of the folding videos an older mexican lady said it should be wetter than most people make it). I did mine like hers and they came out PERFECT!! I wasn't sure when I tried opened them right after being steamed, but I let them cool a while and came back...they unrolled perfectly and stayed together great! Almost all of my kids loved them! The crockpot and the food processor definitely made doing this less intimidating for a beginner. Thanks so much!!

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dyburchfield August 31, 2011

I had heard how difficult tamales were to make. It wasn't that hard! I used a 10x10 inch piece of parchment paper to roll the tamales, since that's what I already had on hand. It worked great-no soaking time either. I'll use this again to use up leftover meat.

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MakeDollarHoller May 09, 2010

OMG!!! I'm very picky when it comes to tamales..... but these where amazing!!! These were almost if not not better than my g-ma's! Thank you so such for posting this. The only thing I did different was I used the left over chiles and garlic with a tomato and some of the juices to make an additional sauce to put in with the meat.

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pequies05 April 25, 2010

Easier to put together than i thought. my .02 is that you cook the meat in a crockpot one day and then shred and then place back into the sauce for a bit to marinate all of the meat. I used a pork shoulder and it worked out great but i wanted a little more flavor to be all the way through, and i think you meant teaspoons not table spoons for the dough so that you can get 36 out. i jsut used as much as each husk would hold and i did not get near so i think i was trying to make it to thick. but stil easy to make and put together plus good flavor and smell off the meat. i will make this again with very minor modifications.

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gregory schulte April 05, 2009

After my first run at this recipe, I too thought they were a little bland so my next several batches I cooked them like I do everything else, with a little this n that added. I mixed some of the red sauce back in with the meat and simmer as some reviewers did, and also added more garlic and peppers and used garlic salt in the masa mix instead of plain salt. Every time I make them I think I should have doubled the recipe so I had a a few to freeze!! Very good starting point and while time consuming, easy if you take the time to get thru them.

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Brandie Swift December 25, 2010

This was a great recipe for tamales. I used beef and mixed some of the sauce into the meat filling before rolling them up and steaming. They turned out wonderful!

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wesandlarm March 06, 2010

Great recipe, hen my neighbors found out what I was doing they ate them all and drank all my beer. Great and simple to make . I used my pressure cooker for the pork took about 1 hour to cook.

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tedvdmeer October 14, 2009

This was not only my first time making tamales; it was my (Mexican) bf's mom's first time as well. And they were delicious! However, we didn't get even close to 36 tamales. We also used a lot more harina and used lard rather than shortening because the mom kept telling me, "Everyone in mexico uses lard." Also, the meat was fairly bland, so we ended up making some hot salsa to go with them- in the future we will be adding sauce with the meat in the husk before steaming. We WILL be making these again soon!

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Alicia4097 April 23, 2009

Living in Chicago, I have access to some really good tamales. On my way to work i pass about 3 or 4 stands selling their yummy tamales every morning.This recipe holds up to any of theirs. Now I can make my own. Thanks for the great recipe!!!

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amandame73 March 07, 2008

Thank you so much for posting this.I used to make and sell these in Texas. I added paprika to the dough to enhance the color.Every year when the temp dropped everyone we knew was calling to place their order for tamales.They wanted them for Christmas parties and such.They would cut them in smaller pieces and serve on a platter.Some wanted them to take to their hunting cabins.Anyway this is almost identical to the recipe I used from a cookbook out of San Antonio,Tx.and I could not keep up with the orders.Usually ended up selling the ones I had frozen for my family.These are absolutely great!I plan on making them again soon to freeze.First batch did'nt last long.If you like tamales,this is it!!!!!!!!!Again,thank you for posting katie!I would love to give this one a zillion stars.

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nesbitt929 November 21, 2007
Mexican Tamales