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A truly delicious rice that went really well with some enchiladas I was making to serve to everyone at my sister's house. I especially loved the lime with the tomatoes. Gave it lots of flavor! I got lots of "MMmmm, this is good" --- "Wow, this is awesome!" and "Auntie, where did you get this recipe? It's so good!" As you can tell it was enjoyed by my whole family and I will be using it again sometime! Thank you for sharing your recipe with us Tx! Linda

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Linda's Busy Kitchen September 11, 2009

Really fantastic!! I ended up doing this with 2 cups of rice and 4 cups liquid. The liquid included the tomatoes and their juice pureed with the lime juice but then I just added 1/4 cup chicken broth instead of the water because I had less rice. It worked out great!! I had to bake this longer because the puree is not boiling or hot before you add it to the raw rice here. I baked mine for 55 minutes at 350 degrees F and then I upped the temperature to 425 degrees F and baked for 30 minutes more. At that point, the rice was nice and soft and cooked through. This arroz rojo has wonderful flavor and heat!!! I served this with Enchiladas Poblanas and it was a wonderful side to that dish!! Thanks for the recipe!!

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Chef*Lee June 09, 2009

This was a lovely side dish for our dinner. I followed the recipe, then cooked in my rice cooker instead of the oven - not the most successful & won't do it that way again, but the results were still tasty. Made for ZWT5 by a fellow Hell's Kitchen Angel.

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Heydarl May 12, 2009
Mexican Take-Out Arroz Rojo (Red Rice)