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These little meatballs are total perfection! I love the olive in the middle, it just gives such a burst of flavour! I divided the meat mixture in half. I made half with the olives, and used hot salsa as the picante sauce. I made the other half without the olives (my kids don't like olives) and cooked it in a medium heat salsa. I served them on a platter with a range of salads (cheese, carrot, red capicum, red onion, canned corn, lettuce, tomato, jalepeno chillies, avocado, and sour cream) and let everyone build their own burrito wraps! It was a fun and delicious dinner! They would also be perfect as a party food if served with toothpicks, as suggested in the recipe description. Made in memory of Pets'R'Us.

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Sara 76 July 21, 2011

These are such fun! Served with toothpicks--the reaction was pleased surrise at the olive inside. I was able to find quite small stuffed olives and they were perfect! Thanks, Pets!

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Chef Kate March 17, 2009
Mexican Surprise Meatballs