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I live in Mexico and this is a common street vendor fare. Some people also add a few drops of lime juice to make it tangy.Vendors use a pastry brush to spread the mayo. Sour cream can be used instead of mayo. Cheese can also be grated queso aƱejo or cotija. Finely minced fresh epazote l will give it an exotic herb flavor

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Mexi-Rosie August 04, 2011

Deeeelicious! Would have corn made this way again in a heart beat! Thnx for posting, Man. Made for KcK's Forum.

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Darkhunter September 30, 2010

The flavor is wonderful! Loved the idea of spreading the seasoning on the bread.....questioned the mayo, but it turned out great. Next time I'll try softened butter and the seasonings I want on my corn. That way we can just have the guests just eat the bread! I absolutely love the way you spread the mayo/butter on the bread....great idea! Thanks so much for the recipe. Made for PAC Spring 2011.

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breezermom February 27, 2011

This is so delicious - I love it. I painted the lite mayo on the cob, sprikled it with adobo spice and about a tablespoon of parmesan. What a delight - I will be making this again and again.

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Bergy May 18, 2010

I first had this corn at a flea market in Pendergrass, Ga. A man was selling roasted corn on the cob and he had a table full of condiments for the corn. At first, I just put some butter and salt on mine and he told me I had to try it "this way". I think this was the first time I fell in love with mayo!!! He smeared the corn in a thick homemade mayo, sprinkled it with cayenne and covered the whole mess with parmesan... I was in heaven. I thought mayo had no place on corn, but I am a changed woman now!!!! I make this whenever we get fresh corn on the cob and we can grill it outside. I sometimes like to sub cajun seasoning for the cayenne and it is just as delicious! So finger licking delicious... thanks you so much for sharing!!!

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atlfitgirl September 21, 2007

This recipe was easy to cook, and tasted yummy! I prepared exactly as recipe called and loved it. I think you could use any kind of chili powder you want, I may try with smokey chipolte chili powder next time. A tip, use the fine powdery grated fresh parmesean. Thanks BBQ Man, we will be making this dish again!

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YaYa September 20, 2007
Mexican Style (Spicy) Corn on the Cob