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Great recipe but I prefer cutting it off the cob, placing in a styrofoam cup and mixing with lime, mayonnaise, parmesan or cotijo cheese, tobasco or any hot sauce, cayenne...yum..I also add finely chopped cilantro...add the ingrediates that appeal to you..just mix it up good before you eat.. This is sold by many vendors on streets in Houston and San Antonio, Tx

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debking18 March 24, 2010

I love this corn. First time I tried it was when I studied abroad in Querretaro Mexico (Central Mexico about 2 hours south of Mexico City). Street vendors everywhere we went would sell this. When I came back to the states I fashioned my own recipe similar to this so I could continue to enjoy. When I grill this, I soak the corn in the husks, grill it in the husks until tender and then I peel back the husks, and brown it a little more. Leave the husks on the cob to use as a handle; just like the street vendors would do it in Mexico.

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tasia_ann April 19, 2012

Oh how I love corn! DH can have everything else, on my plate and his just give me the corn! LOL! This is so delicious! I opted for the feta because that was the only cheese in the house. The combination of the sweet from the corn the salty from the cheese and tart from the lime was out of this world! Delicious Sharon! Thank you so much for a new favorite! Made for KK's Grilling Tag

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kittycatmom July 30, 2010

So different and delicious too! I loved the addition of the lime. Really gave it extra flavor!

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BluEyedCookette August 27, 2009

Just made a few ears for my lunch and absolutely loved it. Couldn't find the Cotija so I used feta which quickly melted onto the corn giving it such a lovely flavor. Can't wait for the family to try it. Made for the Farmer's Market tag game.

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Julie B's Hive August 26, 2009

We enjoyed this corn, however the toppings were a little too much for my tastes. I guess I like my corn better when it's just plain with butter.

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Ginny Sue June 07, 2008

Actually, the first stop I make every year upon arriving in Puerto Vallarta, is the Malacon where the street vendors are set up selling this delighful dish! I noticed that Gabesgirl mentioned that she has never seen it in Mexico, and her parents are from Jalisco. Since PV is in the state of Jalisco, I wonder if this is only sold on the streets during the Festival of the Virgin Mary~ which is the time I go every year ( The week of December 12th) Every night, there are parades and street vendors selling wonderful food. More than on the cob, however, this corn is sold in plastic drinking cups. There is a condiment table in front of the big pot of cooked corn, and you can doctor it up any way you like. Sounds nasty, but do yourself a favor and add the mayo ( I'm not kidding) and the cotija with a sprinkle of the chile pepper. Out of this world!

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Pixiedust60 June 06, 2008

I have been wanting to try this recipe for the longest time! I found the cheese - & if I had known it was this good, I would have been doing all sorts of things with it! Grilled my corn. Used sour cream. I only made 2 ears & dh didn't want to try - his loss - so of course, I scaled down the recipe quite a bit. I need to get more corn at the store so I can have this again. Thank you very much for sharing!!

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Feej April 24, 2008

I've actually never seen these anywhere in the parts of Mexico I've been to (my parents are from Jalisco and Baja) but I believe these might be sold by street vendors in Mexico City. East Los Angeles and Downtown Los Angeles street vendors regularly sell these out of carts for about $1 along with raspados (shaved ice flavored with fresh fruit syrups). I love these! They remind me of my ghetto childhood in East L.A.

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Gabesgirl March 01, 2008

You say you are not sure where in Mexico, these are eaten, but you got your answer on the name of the recipe. You find them on the streets. Every town has at least a couple of corn-on-the cob or Esquites stalls, that you can visit, they also make churros and fried potatoes in these kind of places. Or you can find a man pushing a cart throughout the neighborhoods, offering this "delicacies." These are really good!! I love making them at home myself, we add a shot of hot sauce too, great for snacking or as a side dish.

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La Marz August 20, 2007
Mexican Street Corn