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I have been waiting until I could shop in the "Big City" to try this, but as our car is less than reliable I made it with the ingredients I could get locally. The cilantro became chopped celery and I had to use water instead of clam juice. I used spinach in place of iceberg by choice. Even with these make do's I loved this recipe. It's a perfect welcome to early Spring and made a lovely dinner. Kiwi, I apologize for the subs but I had to work with what I could get.

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Annacia March 22, 2007

This was good. I added some horseradish for some heat.I did find this a bit of extra work. The shells idd intensify the flavor quite a bit. But if you` are eating fresh shrimp why bother. Same for cooking the shrimp in clam juice. But a nice low carb and fat recipe. I do think this recipes serves more like 4 people! Don`t get me wrong it is a good recipe. It just can be simplified.

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Rita~ March 12, 2007
Mexican Shrimp Cocktail, a Nice Twist!