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Everyone just loved this. I did make it a little smaller and didn't use a whole bottle of dressing and not so many chips. It was wonderful.

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MamaOf3Monkeys January 15, 2008

This recipe was a huge success amongst my friends and being such a large salad, I was amazed that it was demolished. I added diced green peppers (pimentos), a tin of drained corn and more tomatoes. I omitted the cabbage and the chips as I was afraid the latter might get soggy. I made it several hours ahead of time and it was perfect when I served it. I mixed the taco seasoning with the ranch dressing and used one full bottle. I served this salad at a mexican dinner party with Awesome Chicken Salsa #34297 and Dessert Enchiladas #81943

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Barbara 211 May 24, 2005

This recipe was close, but would take a lot of tweaking to our taste. I omitted the chips and cheese - too many calories. The taco seasoning added to the ranch dressing was very salty. With the salt in the chips and cheese, we wouldn't have been able to eat it. There has to be a way to spice up the dressing without adding salt - Diane

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dianegrapegrower June 23, 2009

first of all- the 1 1/2 gallon plastic bowl with a lid was the exact perfect size for the 10 serving amount. the downfall: there just wasnt enough dressing to coat all of those ingrediants. next time i will layer some more dressing over the lettuce, too. i mixed the taco seasoning with the ranch and that made it! i also substituted frozen corn for carrots, which was perfect and more mexican. it did seem to be missing something, though... maybe if the cut up tomatoes were mixed with some other, more flavorful things, to make more of a fresh salsa mix, it would have given it a kick. i had a fiesta potluck at work and it went over very well- i reccomed it to anyone as long as you use a bit more dressing. maybe 1 1/2 bottles. (after the potluck there was a lot of naked lettuce left in the bottom of the bowl that no one wanted) and make sure you use the taco seasoning!! no one could believe the dressing was just hidden valley mixed with taco seasoning! genious!! ps: that is a whole lot of avocado- which i happen to love) but if youre not into it as much as i am you might want to just use one.

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Mackenna March 23, 2005
Mexican Seven Layer Salad