Mexican Seafood Filled Avocados (Aquacates Con Mariscos)

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is just another version of a seafood salad but in Mexico you are often served this or seviche as your first course. Don't cut the avocados until just before serving as they discolor quickly. You can prevent some discoloration by rubbing a thin coat of lime juice to the exposed edges.

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  1. Combine lime juice, vinegar, garlic, lime zest, salt & chili powder.
  2. Gradually add oil as you whisk continuously (or use your blender) until the dressing is thoroughly blended.
  3. Break crab into course shreds.
  4. Combine crab, shrimp and cilantro, add dressing and using two forks blend well.
  5. Refrigerate 1-2 hours covered.
  6. At serving time cut the avocados in half lengthwise, remove pit and fill with the seafood salad.
  7. Decorate 4 serving plates with the lettuce, an olive and a wedge of lime.
  8. Place an avocado half on each plate and serve.


Most Helpful

This has a very clean and crisp taste - the cilantro REALLY makes it pop. I made it for a friend's birthday dinner - I sliced the avacados and spread them out on a plate before putting the lettuce and seafood mixture on top. I thought there was a teensy bit much lime, but that's a personal preference. It was a big hit during dinner. Great recipe, and simple to put together!

Marquess November 12, 2008

Bergy, Bergy, Bergy...this was so light, easy, and yummy! My dad, who is such a tough customer, said it was "delicious!" But he did suggest first removing the avocado from its shell, slicing it, and fanning out the avocado on the plate and then layering the crab mix on top. I hate to admit it, but that might be a fun and fancy way to try it next time. ANYWAY..I thought it was sheer perfection just the way it was and just loved it. Thank you!

Liza at June 17, 2007

I thought that the flavor combination was wonderful. I especially enjoyed it with the shredded lettuce which almost made me want to just mix up all the ingredients into a nicely chopped salad. The presentation of the finished product was appealing, but if I make this again I will just chop up everything and mix it all together. Also... make sure that you eat it right away and don't leave it out for any length of time or you could get food poisoning from the shellfish.

Lisa Nyden February 16, 2005

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