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My husband is Dominican, so rice is something I cook every day. I thought I would try this to give a variation from white rice. It was excellent! However, for those of you who would rather not rinse your rice and still have it come out fluffy and not sticky, I can tell you exactly how to do it. It is the same way Dominican rice is cook. Follow steps 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PUT IT IN TH OVEN. EVERYTHING IS COOKED ON THE STOVETOP. Allow all the water to boil out of the pot. When you see air holes in the rice and a wooden spoon can stand on its own in the rice, then you reduce the heat to medium low and cover the dutch oven with a tight fitting. Continue cooking the rice for 25 - 30 minutes. DO NOT REMOVE THE LID DURING THIS TIME. This method is great for cooking any type of rice dish and you only have. When rice is cooked properly, the grains will actually split open down the middle and have a firm texture to them, and that is exactly what happens when you cook rice by this method.

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amjatl October 01, 2009

I made this tonight with what I had of the ingredients and it was delisc and easy! I followed the directions up to step 6. I then place the stir-fried rice, garlic and jalapenos into my rice cooker adding the pureed tomatoes and onion and chicken broth. It turned out moist and full of flavor. Way easier than putting in the oven.

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CHRISTYAM August 09, 2010

Bring the cows up and open the barn doors, cause' this recipe is gonna zap you right into delicious, dreamy, "give-me-the-dang-spoon-now", kinda trance. I have never in my born days tasted such tempting, tantalizing, and tremendous tasting rice or Mexican rice for that matter. I followed this exact. I had never washed long-grain rice before, and now, thanks to Potsie, I know the trick to great rice. You MUST wash the rice. It truly, and absolutely does make a difference. I was hoping and praying for leftovers, but nothing, nill, nada. Oh yes! I forgot, I didn't have tomato paste, so used canned tomatoes. It was ever so good, just wait and see. I might try some blacken/roasted/jalapeno/peppers next time, but this is perfect in every way.

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm November 06, 2011

I just finished cleaning up after my family dinner party. I chose to have a Mexican buffet complete with chicken and beef fajitas, tacos, beef enchilada casserole, nachos, rice and beans, guacamole, pico de gallo and all the usual trimmings. Everything made from scratch! What a huge success! THE RICE WAS DELICIOUS! I followed the recipe except I doubled the recipe (I had over 20 dinner guests!) I used rotel tomatoes and I added a teaspoon of cumin and about a tablespoon of chili powder. It was fluffy and absolutely devine! Cooking it in the oven did the trick--no gloopy rice here! This will be my go-to Mexican rice recipe from now on!

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stefboogie September 25, 2011

I just made this recipe yesterday for my son's football team's pre-game meal. I made two batches of the single recipe, not knowing how doubling rice would turn out (I think the proportions are different when you multiply rice). Next time I will actually double it with the servings calculator and update my review, because I think it would help to have a large crowd review on the board.
Anyhoo, I followed the recipe, but because of time constraints, I used a bottle of Herdez Medium Salsa instead of the tomatoes/onions/jalepenos, and made up the volume difference (to make 2 cups of tomatoes per recipe) with pureed canned tomatoes. I did find that I HAD TO FRY THE RICE FOR ALMOST 15 MINUTES to get it to the proper color. I think this is the most important step in the recipe for insuring that your rice will be fluffy, so don't quit at 6 minutes if the rice isn't light golden brown. I also added a tsp of cumin per recipe at the end of the fry time and stirred for a minute more.
I put both single batches in one of the big dutch ovens I used to fry the rice, and baked for 40 minutes on 365?. I did stir the rice at the 15 minute mark and added thawed peas, carrots and corn. Then because I had an hour before I had to transport, I turned off the oven and let the rice sit in there to keep warm.
THIS RICE TURNED OUT PERFECTLY! I am not hispanic, but even our hispanic players said this rice was better than their moms'! A couple of players thought they were eating at a restaurant :D We were scraping the bottom of the pan, and could have used another half recipe. We fed 32 people off of this double recipe, but could have used more.
If you're considering this for a crowd, don't hesitate. It's so easy, esp. if you are using the bottled salsa. But err on the side of making too much, because they will want seconds or thirds!

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stricttime November 17, 2012

This rice is by far the best recipe I have ever tried...I can even get a little lazy and substitute a 16 oz. jar of Hernandez salsa ( & only Hernandez) for the tomatoes, onion & jalape?os and it's still fabulous. Perfect, easy to follow directions...thanks for sharing!

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Table4six July 03, 2012

I'm not a big white rice gal, but we were having a Mexican Fiesta night with all the trimmings and figured rice was a "must do." I COULD NOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS RICE. I followed the recipe fairly closely although did a 1.5 batch. The onion/tomato puree was fabulous & flavorful - I'd recommend sticking with the white onion. The strong white onion imparts an almost garlic-y flavor that the milder yellow/sweet onion would not. My big batch was tough to manage in the pan I had, so I would say it did not really get translucent or golden, but I did follow the method for the time length. Cooking time was a tad short for my 1.5x batch, but still delicious. Such flavor! I NEVER go back for seconds on rice, and usually avoid this high-glycemic, low-fiber grain, but this was SOOOOO good!

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idahogrrl December 29, 2010

I've been looking for this recipe for 30 years!! I made it last nite and my husband stood up at the dinner table and applauded the rice.................It is just as good or better than the rice at mexican resturants. I just wish i would have found it sooner. Thank you for posting this recipe.

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Jenylyn September 14, 2010

I have tried so many Mexican rice recipes and they end up gooey. This one does not. I do not have the proper oven proof dish, so I just covered and baked in a casserole dish. This is a winner of a recipe. The first time I have ever made fluffy rice! I doubled the recipe and am going to make another batch tonight to freeze. Instead of the jalapenos which I did have, I added chili powder, cumin and taco seasoning. We absolutely loved it!!!!

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JOY1998 December 14, 2010

Easy recipe that made delicious, fluffy rice. I used veg broth, canned tomatoes, and added some chopped green olives with pimentos near the end of the cooking time. My BF really liked the rice and said that adding the olives was a great addition (if you like olives). For us, there were plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day, so we got to enjoy it twice. I'll definately be making this again.

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galponetta October 31, 2010
Mexican Rice