Mexican Pork with Escabeche Spice Rub

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Total Time
15 mins
20 mins

Another do ahead or roast right away! Wonderful flavor from the blend of spices.Try serving this dish with Salsa, jicama salad(recipe in recipezaar) rice or refried beans and Tortillas

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  1. Make the Escabeche Sauce by mixing the all the ingredients.
  2. Spread evenly over the pork Tenderloins.
  3. (at this point you make cover and refrigerate until the next day this will enhance the flavor but is not necessary to do).
  4. Place Tenderloins on a rack in a 9x 13 pan (or BBQ them).
  5. Roast in a 450F degrees oven.
  6. Internal temperature should read 155f, Check after 15 minutes and then every 5 minutes.
  7. Do not over cook or it will be dry.
  8. Slice thinly across the grain, arrange on a platter and place orange sliced all around the meat.