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These are very good, and I've made them at least a dozen times now. I always combine all the filling ingredients together and then spread the mix on my tortillas, instead of spreading once and sprinkling 4 different ingredients. I've also tried many different flavors of wraps/tortillas and the filling goes well with all of them.

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HSMOM24 November 30, 2008

Wow--these are going to be a mainstay when I have to bring something to a potluck. I made these for Christmas Eve and they were fab! I couldn't find the pimentos, so I substituted roasted red peppers (chopped). Also, I accidentally bought chopped olives instead of sliced, but they worked fine. I didn't add the chives and just mixed all the ingredients together to spread on the tortillas. Yum!

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tajgood1 December 26, 2008

these are some pretty tasty little guys! i used ranch dressing (to taste) instead of the mix, chopped olives, sweet-hot red pepper relish (replacing pimentos and chilies), and added some taco-seasoned shredded chicken! i also added some sliced green onion tops. i mixed the cream cheese/dressing with the cheddar, relish, and olives, topped with the chicken, sprinkled the green onions, and gave 'em a roll! i did a taste test, without the chicken, and that was very tasty as well. i just wanted to add a bit more bulk!

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Froggus. September 08, 2011

This rating is based more on what others said about it then my personal opinion. I've been gluten free for almost a year and therefore never got the chance to really try them! I could have used nongluten wraps, but I didn't- maybe next time. <br/>Anyway, I made them for a party and those that ate them loved them! Especially my husband! I made two batches- the first I followed the recipe as written but added a dash of taco seasoning spices. The second batch made spicier with hot green chilies, jalapeno flavored tortillas, more taco seasoning and added some chopped up cilantro. Both were a hit!<br/>Super easy to make and to eat, I will be making these again. Thanks!

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kda949 January 05, 2014

Very tasty! Used this filling to make "diploma rolls" for my niece's graduation (instead of cutting, wrapped a ribbon around them like a diploma.) Used some suggestions from fellow reviewers. Substituted minced red and yellow peppers for the pimientos, and chopped olives-pretty!. Used green onion & tops-made them kind of onion-y, but that's OK with my family. Added two tablespoons of salad dressing to smoothe it out. Mixed the filling up the night before, then made the rolls the next day. Good melding for flavor! Thank you very much, I hadn't ever made pinwheels before and didn't know what filling I would use. Funny thing, my mother found a pinwheel recipe from the 80's she remembered liking and-guess what?-an earlier version of this recipe! (Used jalepenos instead of canned green chiles...no thank you....and no ranch dressing mix :-( )

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Cook4theFamily May 12, 2012

loved being able to make this a day ahead. served as part of a buffet for 20 people and everyone loved them.

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ChefDebs October 03, 2011

I made these with nonfat cream and cheddar cheese and left out the pimentos, and they went over well. I personally thought they were better at room temperature, even if that meant they'd be a bit gooey. Definitely one of the better pinwheels we've made either way, thanks!

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SAHS May 17, 2010

I made these for my daughter's 1st birthday party after reading the reviews. I wanted something easy to make since I already took on the task of making the cake too. These were a hit and super easy. I made them the night before, allowed them to chill in the refridgerator and cut the day of the party.

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hs0829 April 27, 2010

I thought these were good, not great. Make sure you put ample filling on the tortillas and roll them up tight, so they won't fall apart when cut. I think the filling is best on crackers.

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beth June 08, 2009
Mexican Pinwheels