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love it!my dh ,who is not a soup fan enjoyed it as well. i am finding if it has spice and pep he enjoys it. i loved it! i used orzo instead of rice but that is a minor replacement. it will become a winter soup staple in my house!

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kimbearly September 15, 2002

Great soup, awesome flavour. I made and baked the meatballs ahead of time and froze them in a ziploc bag. On the day I served the soup, as I defrosted the meatballs in the microwave, I dumped the rest of the ingredients into a large pot. I did use crushed tomatoes instead of diced, and I left out the cilantro as my husband does not care for it. By the time my meatballs were defrosted, the broth was ready and I just simmered it for about 25 minutes until the rice was tender. I served this with Mexican corn bread recipe 11012. Great winter recipe-thanks!

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* Pamela * January 14, 2004

This is so good, and pretty fast if you make the meatballs ahead of time. I thought it served more like 9-10 for a decent sized appetizer course. I also made my meatballs smaller so there wouldn't be any embarrassing spills during dinner. :) My gourmet group gives this a five! Yum!

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Lil' Nutbrown Hare January 21, 2009

I was going to post this Bon Appetit December 2000 recipe when I found that you already had. I have been making this for years, with a couple of tweaks, and it is fabulous! I make the light version with ground turkey and nonfat milk. I double the bay leaves, cumin, salsa, cilantro and rice for our tastes. I also add an extra cup of water and a 1/2 cup of white wine to increase the broth amount, since the meatballs get really crowded without it (still feeds 6-8 though). One of my favorite soups!

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Maito November 07, 2007
Mexican Meatball Soup