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Wow, the roux really is the secret to a great enchilada casserole! Corn tortillas work as well as flour tortillas, and I've even swapped out the red sauce with mole sauce. Tasty!

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Mewnshine December 11, 2009

This is a definite do again! The flavor was fantastic!! In the future, I will have the "gravy" pre made as this step took the longest while browning the meat. Also, I used flour tortillas as I like the flavor much better than corn tortillas. All in all, a winner. Thank you for sharing!!

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BeLindabb April 18, 2014

This recipe just didn't work for me. The roux was very, very thick and it was difficult to dip the tortillas in without tearing them. It was very messy. The 8 ounces of tomato sauce was not enough liquid to boil and then simmer as the directions stated. I had to add water to it. I used 1.25 ounces of taco seasoning and it was very strong (this may be my fault since I used homemade seasoning, not packaged stuff). Two tortillas in a 9x 13 baking dish did not cover more than half of the surface of the baking dish. A quarter of the meat didn't even make a layer on that size dish either. I ended up using a 8x8 dish and had way too much meat for that. I should have stuck with the 9x13 pan and used more tortillas. I only baked for 30 minutes and the cheese on top was starting to brown. The flavors were very good, so I will be trying this again in the future and hopefully it will work out better! Thanks for sharing.

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Island Girl 525 January 09, 2010

Easy to make all the parts and very easy to assemble. Everyone liked it and said they would like to have it again. Thanks.

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CookingItUp August 02, 2007

Thus was really easy to assemble & delicious! No leftovers!!! I was also worried that the tortillas sticking up would be dry & too crunchy but they were delicious. A definiet keeper! Great photo, Kiwi!!

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Elmotoo June 28, 2007

Excellent! The tortillas soaked up the flavours and were wonderful, and even the bits that stick up out of the pan were not dry and leathery, but turned out like wonderfully flavoured crunchy chips. I used homemade vegetable stock in place of the chicken broth and the flavours were excellent. Please see my rating system: 5 stars for a recipes with buckets of flavour. Thanks !

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kiwidutch June 28, 2007

These taste very good, though we did spice up the flavor a little by using Ro-tel tomatoes in place of the tomato sauce. Next time I would increase the gravy as there was barely enough for 7 tortillas and so I had to improvise. Also, dipping the tortillas was quite messy and they kept tearing. I think to make it easier next time I will thin the gravy a little and then dip the bottom side of the tortillas only; then spoon the grave over the top side of the tortillas after they are placed in the pan. I didn't have any chicken broth on hand so I made some with chicken base. It made a broth that was saltier than regular canned or homecooked broth, but it was not too salty, so you may want to taste the gravy to see if you want to add salt if using canned broth.

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Alskann June 22, 2007

Amazing, and oh so easy to make! This was just delicious. I added some fresh chopped cilantro, a mix of red, yellow and green bell pepper and a bit of jalapeno for a terrific meal. I'll make this one again! Thanks for posting Mama! Made for ZWT 5 :)

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~Leslie~ May 14, 2009
Mexican Layered Ground Beef Enchiladas