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Lots of flavor, just somehow we didn't like it as much as I expected. I used 2/3 lb pork country sausage cause I needed to use it up + .9 lb of ground beef. I like spicy food so I used jalapenos instead of green chilies and added them with the tomatoes as that seemed a reasonable place for them to go. I used the pepper jack cheese with a 1/2 cup extra cheddar on top because I wasn't paying attention and put too much of the jack in the cottage cheese/egg mixture. Next time I think I would rather just use cheddar instead of jack. I took a wild guess and used 1 1/2 cups cottage which seemed about right. And I used wheat-corn blend tortillas for the bottom 2 layers because the other review had mentioned regular corn tortillas being too small, but it was only a package of 8 so I finished off the top layer with 3 of the regular corn tortillas and the extra 1/2 tortilla to fill in the spaces. After trying it, I think this recipe intends the wheat-corn blend tortillas. The regular corn tortillas got all hard and curled up a lot around the edges before the cheese got melted on top. This recipe has some major errors that need to be fixed in the directions, but the overall finished product was pretty good.

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littleturtle September 19, 2006

I can't give this a rating at this time. What threw me off the most was the lack of cottage cheese in the listed ingredients. I plan my menu a week in advance and checked off the ingredient list. It wasn't until I was in the middle of making this I knew I was in trouble. There wasn't a mention of what to do with the green chilies-since I didn't have any cottage cheese I drained them and added them to the ground beef mixture. The only corn tortillas I have come across are only 5", so I stumbled once again, the listed amt. of 10 was off-not enough for a 13x9x2 pan, I didn't want a 2' gap on both sides. Thankfully I had flour tortillas, I used 5 tortillas per layer (3 layers)-with 1 of them split in two. I obviously omitted the eggs and spread a thin sheen of sour cream in between the layers. The sour cream did separate during cooking, but the supper turned out fine.

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lets.eat August 30, 2006
Mexican Lasagna