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I baked these several times in the last month. People were amazed that they were vegan and several asked for the recipe. My variations: I used almond milk, doubled the vanilla (no chocolate extract in my pantry), used regular all-purpose flour, and used powdered chipotle peppers for the heat. The dough was easy to work with afterI let it sit in the fridge for 30 to 60 minutes before scooping. The resting was not in the recipe, but it seemed to let the flour hydrate a bit and made the dough easier to scoop and shape into balls. For one batch, I made the dough the night before and baked them the next morning. They were terrific so you can do this as a time saver on baking day. And, don't forget to flatten them. I forgot to do so with one sheet and they did not bake quite as well (though, they were still tasty).

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DavidInChicago January 07, 2016

Absolutely wonderful! I made these for my Christmas Goody Box for DS and I have to say that after tasting one I nearly changed my mind about giving them away. If I had of used Splenda in place of the sugar he would never have known, lol. They came out with a great texture and very addicting taste. He really loves hot spice so I fully expect that little wonders will be well loved. Thanks Loula :D

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Annacia December 18, 2010
Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodles (Vegan)