Mexican Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 5 mins

This is delicious served with your favorite salsa!

Ingredients Nutrition

  • butter-flavored cooking spray (or you can butter the bread instead)
  • 8 slices hot pepper jalapeno jack cheese
  • 8 slices white bread
  • 8 slices lean deli ham (optional)
  • salsa


  1. Heat griddle to medium-high heat.
  2. Place 2 slices cheese (and ham, if using) on each of 4 bread slices; top with remaining bread slices.
  3. Spray both sides of sandwich with cooking spray.
  4. Cook on both sides until golden brown.
  5. Serve with salsa.
Most Helpful

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Better than regular grilled cheese...not sure how Mexican this is besides the jalapeno jack, but this tastes great! I made mine in the panini maker, on a ciabatta roll. Several hours later I saw my husband walking around with a sandwich. He never cooks so I asked where he got it and he said "A Mexican Grilled Cheese...I saw the recipe on the counter and made it" That's how easy this is!