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I adapted this recipe to take the fussiness out, but used the ingredients. I made the sauce as directed, but added a small handful of cilantro and some lime juice. I used 2 chipotles in adobo, assuming that's what the recipe was calling for. Then I cooked the bacon until crisp, removed it, then cooked some onions and bell pepper in the bacon grease, added the shrimp and when done crumbled the bacon over, stirred in a bit of the sauce and then topped with the cheese. Excellent!

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ebburtis January 01, 2010

These are a commonly requested item in my household -- everyone loves them, even my 82-year-old Gram! I originally saw this recipe in a Williams-Sonoma Mexican cookbook that I have, but I came across this Zaar-posted one while poking around and thought it needed a review. A tad bit fussy to assemble, especially if you opt for the shredded cheese instead of the chunks, but totally worth it. Even if you can't find good thick bacon, the thinner cut bacon will work fine as long as it's meaty. I found that any extra dipping sauce works really well as a spread for chicken panini, too. Yummy stuff, thanks for posting!

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Muffin Goddess April 10, 2008
Mexican Filled Shrimp