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Just had these for breakfast to set us up for a long walk around the loch with the dog and it was really good, especially the chilli sauce. We have a ton of tomatoes which I was just going to make simple tomato sauce from and freeze but I made this salsa instead and I'm glad I did. In fact, I'm going to make a big batch of it to freeze instead. We used Doritos (I know, I know but it added a nice crunch texture to the dish), then ladled the salsa and topped with a fried egg. We didn't use any cheese and just served the bacon on the side. I also simmered down the sauce to reduce it and get rid of excess water - don't know if you would need to do this if you used tinned or not. We don't have a cooked breakfast very often, but this recipe is going in my cookbook and I'm sure we'll use it again and again, if nothing else for the salsa on its own.

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Bridget C September 12, 2010

Great flavor, I cut the recipe back to do 2 eggs, no problem. I like touse corn tortillas and tear them into 1-2" pieces then drop the pieces into the last few minutes of cooking (I didn't do it this time). The cilantro that I used is a new frozen product, chopped cilantro in 1 tsp frozen cubes. The flavor is almost as good as fresh and although it costs more than a bunch of fresh it keeps for monthe in the freezer.here are 20 cubes to a package This was a very attractive, enjoyable Sunday Brunch Evelyn thanks for a tasty way to do eggs

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Bergy March 14, 2004

Eggsactly like I thought they would be. Excellent! I just did the eggs with the onion and garlic and no bacon. Loved the additions to make this with a Mexican flair. I left off the cilantro, as I don't care for it much. Great morning treat!

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FriendlyChefy September 13, 2008

This was fabulous. We had it for brunch today & loved it. I used sausage links instead of bacon, sambal oelek instead of green chilies (couldn't get them here) & I left out the cilantro. Thanks evelyn/athens for sharing this lovely recipe.

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Heydarl June 23, 2007

Wow! These were EGGSCELLENT! :rofl: I used a 14.5 oz can of undrained stewed tomatoes (snipped into tiny pieces), canned whole green chilies (pureed in my food chopper), and seven eggs. Missed the oregano completely (well, duh!), and left out the cilantro on purpose. I have a similar recipe (baked eggs lorraine), in which the eggs are "sliced" or poked...I would suggest doing that in this recipe, too....would cause the eggs to spread out a bit, instead of being yellow blobs at the end of the cooking time. Definitely will be making this one again---really, really hit the spot on the old Breakfast Meter! *Made for ZWT3 Mexican Region*

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Debber June 22, 2007

I wish there were more stars to give this! It is so easy to make and taste wonderful!I turned the fire down low, and put a lid on for the last min of cooking time, then grated cheese on top. We all like it, It is in my cookbook to stay! Quite a welcome change from normal breakfast. Perfect for brunch or special occasions.

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angelfan June 10, 2005

We had this for Christmas breakfast. I decided to make it with 1/2 lb ground turkey sausage instead of bacon, and with scrambled egg alternative equivalent to 6 eggs. It turned out good. Next time though I will drain my tomatoes (too runny for me) and add less cilantro. Thanks for the recipe!

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Renita December 25, 2004
Mexican Eggs