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THIS IS TERRIFIC!!! I decided to grill some veggies and toss in some cumin and other nummy spices and then had this along with my veggies! The taste is spectacular! Ive never had anything like it before!!! The green onion is vital... this flavor along with the chilli..and the lime..and the garlic.. oh wow! I have to admit I used a low-fat cream cheese.. but my feelings toward this dip didnt change a bit even with the lowfat cheese lol... I love the way it looks rolled in the parsley (i ran out of cilantro lol) and nuts.. Fabulous!!! I served it with a medium salsa because I feared I would overheat my tastebuds otherwise haha :-) THANKS FOR THIS MARVELOUS RECIPE!! I have placed it in my memory for parties and such hehe. :-)

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love4culinary July 28, 2003
Mexican Cream Cheese Spread