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Delicious! Wish I could give this more stars!!! I was looking for a recipe for Cinco De Mayo and decided to make something with Chorzio as most of my friends have not tasted this. Found this and knew I had to try it..come on, it's Kittencal, right ?!?! Followed the recipe exactly, would not change a thing. Loved the fact that it was fresh without any preservatives. Thank you for sharing. Used this in Chorizo Taquitos on this site.

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Groundhog Gal May 09, 2010

Family secret--as ranches we ate beef--our chorizo was beef--ground once--packed in beef casing--but the secret was that the family recipe, which is spiced similar to yours, called for ground nutmeg--you'll find the flavor amazing--buen provecho

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valverdefankhauser March 21, 2015

I love chorizo and have never thought to make it myself, so when I stumbled across this recipe I was excited to give it a go! I'm on a big time diet so I opted to adjust this to make a healthier version by using ground turkey breast and olive oil to eliminate the saturated fat of the pork. The results were amazing. The spice blend is spot on! I can only imagine how wonderful it is with pork, but for now I'm happy with the ground turkey version. One note to those that may also want to use ground turkey, I found that I needed to add a little more olive oil than the amount of oil called for in the recipe to account for the lack of fat from the lean turkey. My version did not turn out dry at all I'm happy to report.

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Eric in LB February 22, 2014

We loved this chorizo! I accidentally under seasoned it though.....I was making several different kinds of sausage last night (Italian, Chorizo and breakfast sausage). After I ground a 9 pound pork butt, I hand one bowl with three pounds and three bowls with two pounds each. I meant to use a bowl with 2 lbs of ground sausage for the seasoning and I accidentally grabbed the bowl with 3 pounds. I didn't discover my mistake until everything had been seasoned....nonetheless, we enjoyed this! The last time we read a label on chorizo it made my stomach turn (lymph nodes, salivary glands) and I knew I had to make my own. Thank you for posting this! We had chorizo, potato and egg burritos this morning.

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Michelle Figueroa February 17, 2014

Just perfect!

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rosslare June 10, 2011

This was really yummy! I actually under seasoned it because my judgement was off on how much meat we had so I was worried it may be too bland but not at all. Had a great kick to it and evryone who tried it LOVED it. I used the pork butt since it was the cheapest cut at the store and it worked out perfectly. Seriously an easy recipe, the longest part of this process is pealing the garlic. :) Thank you for another wonderful recipe.

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cali~jenn July 06, 2010

I grew up in a very ethnic part of Indiana close to chicago... and this beats any store bought chorizo you can find.... it's meaty, lean and sooo yummy! My kids (and I) loved the stuff! Thank you for sharing!!!

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TakeHomeChef November 23, 2009

Delicious. I used 1/2 ground pork and 1/2 venison. I doubled the recipe and used less oil. I had no fat. We have chorizo in mexico in a cheese dip and I cant tell the difference except for the fat. Thanks Kitt.

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Gloria 15x August 20, 2009

Unqualified: wonderful. Worth a Zantac without question! This made our eyes tear -- normally we are such wimps! -- but we wouldn't change a thing! I had previously bought pork chorizo at a Latin market, yet I could tell no difference in taste or color; I had very little fat (none to drain) from my batch! I doubled the recipe and netted 2 3/4 cups marinated pork (it maxed out my Cuisinart SmartPower Duet food processor). This became part of A Different Style Fried Rice, and we were ecstatic! Straight to our Top Favorites of 2009 cookbook. This was served with shrimp, yellow rice, onions, and cilantro. Made for ZWT5: Mexican/Tex-Mex/Southwest U.S. region.

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KateL May 14, 2009
Mexican Chorizo