Mexican Chili Cheese Dip (Tex-Mex)

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 15 mins

This delicious, yet very easy dip has been a hit at every party I've prepared it for. It's so good, we'll make a batch and have it for dinner every so often. People have told me it's addictive. I rarely have to bring any home after a party. I've been making this dip for many years, so I'm not sure where it came from. When making it for my family, I use refried beans with jalapenos, hot McCormick Taco Seasoning mix, and velveta cheese with peppers. This combines for quite a kick. For guests or a party, I use reqular refried beans and velveta, but the hot taco seasoning is a must. For Christmas parties, I use the red and green tortilla chips.

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  1. In a deep pan, brown ground beef, drain and return to the pan. Add Taco seasoning and prepare according to seasoning instructions.
  2. Add Hormel Chili and refried beans.
  3. When hot, add the velveta. It helps to cut it up into chunks. Once melted, add the grated cheese. Once all hot and melted together, transfer to a crock pot. Serve with chips and stand back. I write the recipe on recipe cards and take them to the party with me, because I know I'm going to be asked for the recipe.
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Not what I was expecting. It was more like chili dip when I wanted more of a cheese dip. Only one out of my eight friends liked it. Maybe I did something wrong?!

mahsrow December 25, 2007

In spite of using jalpeno chili and mexican velveeta, this recipe was still to mild for my taste. Next time I make it (and I will make it again) I will have diced onions and peppers and maybe salsa available for anyone who wants to spice it up a little. It also makes a good burrito filling.

MindyC February 19, 2006