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I thought this was a pretty good casserole. I decided to try it because it was a bit of a different take on the leftover chicken casserole. I made Chili Seasoning Mix and used it instead of buying a package. I also never have instant rice, so I just cooked regular rice until it was within a couple of minutes of being done. Then I threw it all in with the rest of the ingredients and cooked as stated in the recipe. The end result tasted great! I took the advice of a previous reviewer and made burritos out of the leftovers and a little bit of extra cheese. Thanks for the great recipe!

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jnpj May 05, 2009

This ended up tasting alright at the end, but I don't know about the cooking instructions. I combined everything in a pan on low heat and the rice wasn't anywhere near done even after 30 min. Doesn't the liquid have to boil to cook rice? I turned up the heat, and ended up with a layer of burnt stuff on the bottom of the pan. Transfered what was left to a microwaveable dish, and covered in microwave for about 10 min. Rice was done. I think I lost a lot of the creaminess in the process. It was ok, and comments were made that this dish would make good burrito filling.

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CasseroleNightMom March 27, 2007
Mexican Chicken Casserole