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I had this ready for DH when he returned from a business trip. He enjoyed it tremendously (we both did)! I cooked it in a clay pot and found the flavor was marvelous and had a depth that must have been from the red wine. The cornflour gave it an earthy taste (I usually have a bag of Harina Pan in the cupboard but didn't so used stone ground cornmeal - wonderful!) The spiciness from the peppers was just right for us and we liked the contrast between the salty olives and the sweet corn. I will halve the olives next time (and DH has requested a next time) so as to balance that bite with the corn kernels. I served it with tomatoes and avocados tossed in olive oil and lemon juice on a bed of shredded lettuce - a cool and refreshing contrast to this hot a spicy dish! THANKS PeterJ!!

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Acerast June 23, 2007

I had my doubts about red wine in a Mexican Style dish but it worked pretty well. I'd add a teaspoon or two of cumin next time and finish with fresh chopped coriander to give it even more of a Mexican feel. I had to use chicken breast, so reduced the first bit of the cook to half an hour-then continued on for the last 15 minutes. That worked perfectly-the breasts were not at all dried out. I felt the flour coating the chicken thickened the dish enough for us, so omitted the cornflour. I used all the chilli flakes but just one long green chilli as the ones we have right now are SUPER hot (which is unusual for the long ones)

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JustJanS August 23, 2013

A really delightful recipe. lots of flavour and a nice bite of chilli - and the red wine really added to to it as well. Its a real keeper thanks so much for posting this. I will upload a photo as soon as possible.

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JoyfulCook March 05, 2013

I used 2 boneless chicken breasts and made what I thought would be 2 servings but was delighted when I actually was able to enjoy leftovers. The flour was a gluten free blend and was seasoned with pepper prior to coating the chicken. A can of Rotel Tomatoes and Green Chili replaced the tomatoes and chilies called for in the recipe. The olives were reduced for personal taste. This was served with corn tostadas with a salad of fresh greens, diced avocado and tomatoes which were tossed with Simple Cider Vinaigrette. A recipe with lots of zip! Made for Aussie Swap.

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PaulaG December 10, 2012

This was an easy recipe to make and made gluten-free by simply using fine ground rice flour to coat the chicken. I used 1/2 chicken thigh fillet and 1/2 breast fillet,two long green chillis and just a sprinkle of hot chilli flakes. A good temp for kids to enjoy. I didn't need to add in the cornflour at the end of cooking time, though I did add some extra corn kernals to use up the whole can. My husband has happily taken a 2nd huge serving to enjoy at work tonight. Reviewed for Aus/NZ Forum Recipe Swap January 2012. I served with rice to be gluten-free but also would be great with corn chips. Photo to be posted

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**Jubes** January 22, 2012

WOW! what a flavorful dish. I love the way the heat from the peppers played with the sweetness of the corn and the salty olives. One word of advice though, when slicing so many peppers it is best to wear gloves...my fingers are still burning from the oils in the peppers. I used a combo of jalapeno, serrano, & scotch bonnets which all have a different heat index level. I did omit the red wine since it is something we never have in the house. I subbed extra chicken stock in its place. I also chose to use black olives in place of the green since I felt they would blend better with the Mexican taste. I served the chicken over rice and then we topped it with a little fresh raw salsa. Even with all of the peppers, my four kids enjoyed the dish as well. Thanks for another keeper Peter. Made and reviewed for the AUS/NZ Swap #53

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Chef Buggsy Mate June 13, 2011

Use thigh meat for this dish -- it adds so much flavour. Made a few tiny changes. Halved the green chili peppers and chili flakes, and skipped the cornstarch because more thickening wasn't required. Also used a mixture of green and black olives because they were on hand. The heat was perfect. You didn't mention whether the casserole should be cooked covered or uncovered. We did the hour covered and the last 15 minutes uncovered. Also cooked the sauce down a bit before pouring over the chicken. It comes together easily so is a great recipe for a busy day. We thoroughly enjoyed this dish for Zaar World Tour.

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Leggy Peggy June 22, 2007

I used some diced chicken we had (about 600g) and ended up with a lot of liquid as I didn't cut that down. (My fault entirely). Great recipe! I followed the instructions exactly except to add the capsicum in at step 4, as I like them a little softer. I served this with Buttered Wine Rice. Thanks for posting this yummy recipe Peter.

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Sarah April 03, 2007
Mexican Chicken