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Brother-in-law doesn't like beans and declared this a keeper! Made it exactly as stated. Great recipe. Mom said to put beans in pot, cover in water and add 1/4 cup baking soda. High heat until the beans are creating a large foam. Drain, rinse and repeat one more time. Takes the gas out and no need to soak overnight.

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Batman's Chef October 21, 2008

I would drive pretty far to the only Mexican restaurant I know who served these, but I don't have to anymore. These were fantastic. The only changes I made were I didn't have any green pepper in the house and I used Louisiana hot sauce in place of the jalapenos. I wasn't sure if I was going to use the beer since my kids were eating this, but it didn't taste right without. As soon as I added it, that is exactly what was missing. I also used canned pinto beans just because it's soo much faster. The whole dish took about 20 minutes to make.

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Chef ChiSox#1 August 08, 2009

This dish is fantastic! The only thing I would do different next time is to fully cook, to a crisp, the bacon. When I cooked it according to the instructions, I couldn't get my bacon crisp after adding all the other ingredients. I used a full bodied beer and it is a great added flavor! I definitely would make this again.

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RoxiGirl June 11, 2008

This is exactly how we make our beans except we call them "frijoles borachos" translates into "drunk beans". Here are a few tweaks to make this recipe even more mouth watering. Add the can of beer to your beans before the beans are fully cooked and let that simmer for a while till the beans are fully cooked. We then cut and cook bacon, till its fully cooked and set aside. In another frying pan add 2 cups of ham *cut into small cubes and 2 cups of chopped smoked sausage. Brown the ham ad sausage for about 7-10 minutes. When the beans are fully cooked you add the all the remaining ingredients into the pot ( a whole bunch of chopped cilantro, diced jalapeno peppers, diced onions, and diced tomatoes cooked bacon, ham, and sausage) . Then let the beans come to a boil after you add the remaining ingredients. This recipe will not need salt because there is already enough of that coming from your beer, bacon and ham and sausage. The secret is in the cilantro and the beer. The more cilantro the more flavorful! *For those of you that don’t eat pork, you can use turkey ham, turkey bacon and turkey sausage. The taste is just as flavorful.

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Spyce June 13, 2007

This is almost exactly how we made them at the Mexican restaurant I worked at. We served it with our Carne Asada Steak dinner. YUMM! I make them at least once a month even now to this day which is ten years later. Quite possibly the best Mexican method of preparing beans I have come across. I think the key to this is using a good quality Ale. Sierra Nevada is a fine choice. Some recommend Guinness but I find it overpowers the other flavors. Whatever you do, don't use lite beer.

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TJW May 30, 2007

These are Great. Home during blizzard, so fresh ingredients limited. Used finely chopped smoked ham (leftovers), can of ro tel tomatoes, jarred sliced jalapenos, garlic powder. Served with cornbread. This is a new fav!

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motherofchef February 01, 2011

I'm So Happy that I found this recipe!! I have been looking for a really wonderful Mexican pinto bean recipe and this is IT! I used two anaheim green chilis for the green pepper and prepared as stated except I softened the beans in the crockpot, drained, then combined with the cooked sauce and let it cook on low all night. In the morning I pureed about 3 cups in my blender and stirred it back into the pot. It was a little too juicy so I left the lid off for a couple of hours to let it condense. Terrific! I doubt that I will make pinto beans any other way. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

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Normaone November 25, 2008

These are killer! I did cook my bacon crisp. I also added some ground cumin, chili powder and garlic powder. Best charro beans ever.

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aaquwaa July 28, 2008

Wonderful recipe. I had some New Mexico dried pinto beans (I think they are really good due to the dirt they are grown in but that could be just me)I used a can of Rotel tomatoes and chilies and then added chopped, seeded jalapenos (2)and I used Tecata beer. I didn't use as much bacon -just a couple strips - but I think they would have been delicious even without the bacon. This is being moved to my "Tried & True" file. Thanks for posting Mille.

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TXOLDHAM July 14, 2007

Excellent! This is my favorite way to have pinto beans, and this recipe is almost exactly like the one at my favorite Mexican joint. It is not spicy at all, just flavorful. The beer really adds something. I don't cook it too long after adding the beer (only about 3 minutes). Serve these beans in a little bowl alongside your entree. Next time I may add the full bunch of cilantro. Makes a huge amount. Wonderful, thank you so much.

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BerrySweet January 06, 2007
Mexican Charro Beans