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Pippy, I made this for my wife and I for supper and it was simply outstanding. Easy to fix too -- a beginner could do this with little effort. The wife is always curious as to what might constitute a Mexican breakfast and this dish fits the bill perfectly. I made it exactly as you stated with all the condiments listed, including two chopped canned serrano peppers and a splash of Frank's RedHot in the sauteed tomato bell pepper mix and there was very little noticeable heat. As for the eggs, I improvised a double boiler with a stainless steel salad bowl atop of a pot of steaming water -- I poured in 1/4 cup of water and a splash of rice vinegar into the bowl, cracked in 2 eggs and covered it with a skillet lid. Voila! Perfect poached aggs in about five minutes! If someone wants something Mexican that's not loaded with Taco Seasoning, this is definitely it. We'll be impressing our visitors with this breakfast/brunch/supper entree in the very near future. I might also make two batches next time.... one with kidney beans (as listed) and one with canned chili hot beans, including the sauce. I think so jalapena cheese (shredded) would be nice too. Thank you so much for sharing your fine recipe, Pippy. 11 Stars! Big Pat.

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Bone Man July 09, 2006
Mexican Breakfast