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What a find! These are marvelous! I made a double batch for a friend who came over to watch a movie on DVD. We had to stop the movie and make a second batch. We spread them with cream cheese and a kiss of Cholulla hot sauce. THANX

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Pierre Dance November 26, 2003

peppermintkitty, these are wonderfully crisp and buttery! Extremely easy to make too! I made a few changes: I dissolved 1/4 tsp instant coffee in the vanilla before adding to rest of mixture as well as adding 1/4 tsp cinnamon to the flour. Next time (and there WILL be a next time!) I will add a little more of both. I'll also add another 2 tsp of icing sugar to compensate for the bitterness of the cinnamon and coffee (I chose not to roll them in more icing sugar after they came out of the oven). I got 15 cookies from this batch and since they didn't get any bigger, I was still able to bake them on one sheet. Thanks peppermintkitty!

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M&Mers November 14, 2010

These were great and they really took no time at all to make! The recipe yielded about 8 biscuits.

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alabughosh July 02, 2010

These taste ok, but they are definitely NOT traditional biscochitos. I grew up eating these traditional cookies around the holidays, and they always include anise in the ingredients.

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Clarecat August 15, 2005

I used walnuts - do not eat hot if you use walnuts, it tastes too much like walnuts - eat at room temperature. Fast, simple and cheap, you get just a few so they don't go stale. I had all the ingredients for this delicious cookie. I squashed the dough mounds with my hand as they stuck to the bottom of the glass - then I sprinkled icing sugar on them and baked. You cannot beat the speed of this recipe and the cookies taste great - this is added to my permanent selection to be enjoyed often.

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Amazonheart March 27, 2005

I made the mistake with this recipe of being in a hurry (while picking out a recipe) and seeing that it was in the breakfast category and made 4 (large) biscuits, thought it would be something like a sweet cinnamon biscuit or something on that order. It wasn't until I had the dough mixed up for this that I realized the yield (4 biscuits) was way off. Not really remembering exactly what bizcochitos were, I looked up pics of them on the internet to see if I should make them large or small (didn't have time to post and wait for an answer). It was at that point I realized this was a cookie recipe. So I baked them up, and found something else for breakfast. Later on, I tried one, and they are very light and delicious cookies, something like a Mexican Wedding Cake. I will definitely make these again, but certainly not for breakfast. I am also sending in a correction on it being included in the breakfast category. I forgot how many cookies this made- perhaps you can send in the correction on that. Thanks for posting!

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Sue Lau December 22, 2004
Mexican Bizcochitos (Crusty Sweet Biscuit)