Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 25 mins

Taste nice and this is my Grandmother recipe

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  1. Cook pork in water to cover until tender.
  2. Dice.
  3. Saute garlic,onion and tomatoes in shortening.
  4. Add pork and liver and continue sauteing for 5 minutes.
  5. Add water and salt,and pimenton (to color).
  6. Add potatoes and cooked garbanzos.
  7. Cook until potatoes are done.
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I'm not quite sure what liver she used on this recipe. But I think this calls for pork liver. And I think the recipe is missing one ingredient, that is diced carrots. UPDATE: Hey Lennie... I'm not criticizing this's a suggestion. When I said it needs an ingredient such as carrot...I'm not suggesting that everyone uses carrots, I did. I KNOW that not everyone likes carrots and I'm quite sure not everyone likes all the ingredient that this menudo calls for and will use substitutes...I'm cool with that. It seems to bother u.

#39568 May 07, 2002

Hey gonebeserk ... not everybody likes carrots, you know! If you want to post a recipe with carrots, please do; we'll look forward to seeing it. In the meantime, don't criticize a recipe because you would use different ingredients. It is the uniqueness of recipes that makes for exciting culinary experiences!

Lennie May 04, 2002

yeah this isn't a menudo... it seems more like a mexican goulash.

ilihana.longoria December 14, 2010