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Great recipe!!!! I was looking for a recipe for fudge that could be made out of pantry items. This is the perfect recipe. I admit that I am a stirrer and I really had to stuggle with not stirring, but I made it. Whew, it was tough. Anyway, I went exactly by the recipe except, I used walnuts instead of pecans. I will definately put this recipe in the keeper file.

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Jellyqueen December 22, 2003

This is delicious. Thank you.

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mtilton August 08, 2008

i followed this recipe exactly and it was too stiff to even pour out let alone chill for 2 hours! i couldnt even get it out of the pan i had to grab handfuls and make little cookies out of it. it did have a great flavor though.. a lot like no bake cookies with out the oats. i must have cooked or beat it too long i dont know why it stiffened up so quick. i watched the temp very close. any ideas what went wrong? i would love to make it again but i didnt like the form it was in i want fudge not cookies. but it was the best tasting of the 3 different recipes i tried.. thanks

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sprue December 27, 2006
Mema's Fudge