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As others have already said, this is truly a chocoholics dream come true! The only trouble was the timing, my first attempt I tried the top and it seemed fairly soft so I put it in for the full 14 minutes, mistake, the outside sponge was rather dry and the inside solid. After a further two attempts I finally got it right, at eight or nine minutes. This might be reflected in the fact that my oven is a fan assisted one. So my advice is before serving this at a dinner party experiment with the timings! But once you've got it right it's fabulous.

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Chocoholic UK May 24, 2007

This is fantastic! I was going to post this myself as I just made it 2 weeks ago from Dehia's cookbook. I followed the recipe exactly. My chocoholic DH absolutely loved it! I still have 2 in the freezer for when he gets his next chocci attack as it only takes 15-20 minutes from freezer to plate.

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Summerwine March 12, 2005

I had Dh stand and mix the eggs and sugar for 10 minutes, so this recipe was quite easy, and I used the microwave to melt the chocolate, so that only took 1 minute. All the times mentioned were right on EXCEPT the baking time. I should have checked on the puddings at 6 minutes, but I didn't. BIG mistake. Next time I will. They were greatly overcooked at 12 minutes, but I'm giving them 5 stars anyway. I am positive they're going to be perfect when baked less. I was looking forward to that melted-fudge chocolate sauce center but, sadly, there wasn't any. Possibly the problem is in the conversion of 200°C to farenheit. It's actually 392° so the extra heat might make the difference when such a short baking time is involved. I also did not turn them out onto serving plates after 1 minute, so they probably continued to bake in the cups. Don't do that unless you've accounted for it in the baking time. The richness of these little gems made with egg yolks is so much more decadent than similar desserts made light with egg white meringue. These are WONDERFUL, just don't overbake them.

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sugarpea December 31, 2003
Melting Chocolate Pudding