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This sorbet pulls together in a snap, is super easy and quite tasty. I made one batch per the recipe directions and then a double batch using our ice cream maker. The batch done in the ice cream maker turned out smooth whereas the batch made in individual cups was a little more like a granita. Both versions tasted exactly the same --- just the texture varied and both textures were nice. I liked having the larger quantity churned in the ice cream maker because I was able to serve the sorbet straight from the freezer several nights during the week without having to make a fresh batch each time. The sorbet held nicely in the freezer. I tried a variety of garnishes and these were best received: sprig of fresh mint and a few fresh raspberries; a slice of fresh mango; drizzle of honey and a vanilla wafer cookie.

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rsarahl April 15, 2003

Melons are pure natural sugar and unfortunately, the liver cannot distinguish between natural and refined sugar. To the liver, sugar is sugar. The above recipe is a wonderful refreshing and tasty dessert. I love melon, mango and lime, so I give this recipe four thumbs up (me and my partner)Perhaps you would like to substitute the refined sugar in favour of Equal. I have added this recipe to my Cook Book.

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TOOLBELT DIVA March 12, 2003
Melon-Mango Sorbet