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I was looking for a recipe for authentic Melomakarona that I could make this holiday season as a nostalgic treat for my Greek husband, and this recipe really fit the bill! I followed the recipe exactly as is (using OJ instead of beer), and baked them for the full 30 minutes. They turned out perfectly. Next came the syrup part -- which did take a bit of adaptation to get them to the right consistency that my husband recalls. Perhaps I should have done the slotted spoon method in the pot over the stove, but I opted to pour the simmering syrup over the cookies after they had cooled for 1/2 an hour in the pan. Perhaps the cookies had cooled too much (??), as it took several hours for the cookies to even BEGIN to soak up some of the honey syrup. We decided to put the whole sheet pan (cookies & syrup) back in the oven at a "warming" temp of 170F to help the absorption process along. We did this several times throughout a 5 hour period, and even flipped all the cookies over to try to get the tops to absorb the liquid. Finally, this method worked, and we ended up with DELICIOUS authentic Greek Christmas cookies! They really are very tasty. **Note for next time -- we will either try the slotted spoon method to incorporate the syrup into the cookies, OR try pouring the hot syrup over the cookies only 5 minutes after they come out of the oven (instead of waiting until they cool). **ALSO, of note, I used a regular ice cream scooper (not the kind that is round and has the spring lever) but a typical oblong ice cream scooper, to pack the raw cookie dough into to form the flattened egg-shaped cylinders. WORKED LIKE A CHARM & was far more efficient than molding each one by hand. Thanks Evelyn for a great recipe that I feel will become an annual Christmas tradition in our family!

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mizboxster January 01, 2006

After receiving the Greek honey from Evelyn I just had to make these. Although they are a little bit of work to make they turn out wonderfully and make a LOT of cookies. Took some to work and a coworker told me that tasted like baklava in a cookie. Really wonderful with a cup of tea. Thanks Evelyn for such a great recipe!

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Tiggrr January 01, 2012

These were lovely. Having never had these before, I wasn't sure what a good version was. But thumbs up, very nice and even drenched in syrup were not overly sweet. Reminded me of baklava. I was looking for something different for Christmas. Will be fabulous with coffee. Thanks and will make again. I only made half a batch to try but rest assured it is worth making a lot and packing up in containers for future use. I stored mine in the fridge, in containers with the biscuits between layers of non stick paper.

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fruii December 19, 2011

What a wonderful recipe. Thank you for posting it. I used the orange juice, also. I might add just a pinch more cinnamon and clove next time, just for personal tastes. I dipped the cookies in simmering syrup and let them soak for a minute. Removed them to trays and continued to dip remaining cookies, just warm, right out of the oven. After all cookies were dipped, I drizzled the remaining syrup over all, and sprinkled on the walnuts. I let them soak for 2 more days, then put them in tins. I poured any remaining syrup over them, again. I found that when stacking them in tins, it helps to alternate the direction of the layers. This makes it easier to remove them for eating. They're very sticky you know. Thanks again, Evelyn.

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nott November 30, 2007

Best Melomakarona recipe I have found. YiaYia approved!

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bigpetez December 29, 2012

What an easy and excellent recipe. I have tried many for melomakarona in the 44 years that I am married and these worked like a charm. I needed to avoid butter so I substituted corn oil and they still have a wonderful flavor. I found the syrup so easy to make and foolproof. Just what I needed! In the past I heard about bringing the syrup up to a certain temperature, testing it on a cold plate, putting a little between the thumb and forefinger to see if it makes threads, etc. This took all the guesswork out of it. The only thing I may change in the future is increase the flour to the Farina ratio. I am used to a less grainy cookie. My husband loved them this way so I am very happy. Thank you Evelyn!

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NY Yiayia December 12, 2010

I had quite a dilemma deciding what to rate this as I loved the taste but hated the texture of the farina in the cookie. My DH also loved the taste but wouldn't eat more than 1 since they were so sweet. So sadly, this is not a recipe that we will make again despite the excellent flavor. Thanks for the post, though.

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Zee December 18, 2007

great recipe

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voula329 December 13, 2007

Excellent recipe. I used oj instead of beer. I actually flipped mine during the night to get maximum syrup intake. Yummy.

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Bogey'sMom December 18, 2006

This is definitely a 10-star recipe. I made 1/4 of the recipe and baked it exactly for 30 minutes. Cookies are best after they've soaked awhile - deliciously soft-textured with a hint of oranges and perfect sweetness that melts in your mouth. I did add a bit of lemon zest, juice and a stick of cinnamon into the syrup. Thanks Evelyn for a WONDERFUL recipe :) Update Mar 17 '06 - I have made these several times now and they were awesome each time. I've doubled the batch successfully, and kept it at room temperature for a little over 2 months (it was still great), and they have even travelled over 7700 miles :) I usually do the slotted spoon method for about 30 secs (syrup taken off heat), and then lay them in a row on the baking sheet and pour syrup lightly all over. Takes several hours, even overnight, to soak fully. In a couple of batches, I've stuffed each cookie with some of the chopped walnut and its delightful to bite into. Also, I used the beer not OJ. Drank the rest of it! I'd recently been to a famous Greek bakery in NJ and tried out their melomakarona and I tell you this is SO much better. Very good recipe, Evelyn, thanks!

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Dimpi March 17, 2006
Melomakarona (A Greek Christmas Cookie)