Recipe by ann teapot

Middle Eastern vegetarian dish, can be spelt many different ways. This is not the authentic version, I have added the peas. carrots and s/corn for colour.


  1. boil the rice in the normal way (drain).
  2. cook the lentils in the normal way (drain).
  3. cook the peas/carrots and sweetcorn as usual (drain).
  4. fry some onions in a little vegetable oil.
  5. mix them all together in a large bowl.
  6. Add the pepper and coriander and some salt as rice seems to need it.
  7. I use a low sodium kind anyway There are no real proportions as you keep making it you will get the feel of it.
  8. excellent hot or cold, and can be served with crusty bread or I leave it to your imagination.

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