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Five stars for sure, and my DH and I agreed that it deserves both stars and the moon! What a spectacular, easy recipe! I made it exactly as directed except I scaled back on the olives a bit (DH isn't too keen on them), and I only made two servings of tuna, but kept the rest of the recipe as is, since we love veggies, and almost ate all of them. This recipe just sparkles - nice spice, a great melding of flavors with the vegetable mix, and the tuna was moist and flavorful. It was incredibly easy, too, so is a weeknight contender, for sure. I'm so glad I made this recipe - it was really delicious and I'll make it often - thanks, chia!

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Lizzie-Babette July 13, 2003

I had some tuna steaks hanging out in my freezer, and this looked like the perfect recipe, especially since I'm Somersizing at the moment. Aside from using steaks instead of fillets, the only change I made was to use a whole red pepper and a whole orange pepper. I served this with a green salad with some balsamic dressing and it was a perfect simple meal. Since I'm Somersizing I left off the olives, but my BH was happy to eat mine and not let food go to waste! This recipe sounds like it would go very well with salmon fillets as well, that might be my next version. Good one Chia!

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Mirj June 10, 2003

This is a wonderful change of pace, especially if you are looking for low-cal recipes. Great tastes.

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Sandy #5 December 05, 2005
mediterranean tuna